Reflection in Mirrors!!! AAARRRGHHHH

by Kawrae
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Jan24-05, 09:09 PM
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>> How many times will the incident beam be reflected by each of two parallel mirrors that are 1.60m high and 1.40m apart? The beam is aimed at the left mirror at 5 degrees from the horizontal.

Okay I am completely lost here. I've read over all my reflection formulas I can figure out and none seem to apply here... I even (despite my roommates persistance of my being crazy) broke out a tape measure and mapped it out on the floor and somehow still came out with the wrong answer.

Can anyone tell me how to figure this out???
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Justin Lazear
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Jan24-05, 09:15 PM
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How far across must the beam travel to go 1.60m in the upward direction?

How many times would the beam need to travel between mirrors to travel the above horizontal distance?


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