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Wireless graphics tablet that works anywhere

by Bipolarity
Tags: graphics, tablet, wireless
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Dec2-12, 05:34 PM
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Can anyone recommend me a device that has an electronic stylus and pad to which I can write, and my work is automatically saved into some format readable by a computer? The device should be wireless and thus have its own battery, and it should ideally (like the Kindle) have a memory so that work can temporary be saved on it when the computer is not nearby.

I know that many graphics tablets are there, but do they all have memory capabilities like the Kindle? I'm looking for one that has memory capabilities as well as wireless (its own battery that can survive for hours).

Does such a device exist? If anyone has used one, please make me a recommendation!
Thanks much!

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Greg Bernhardt
Dec6-12, 06:21 PM
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Have you look at the Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung Conductive Stylus

As for auto sync, that sounds like it will have to be specific to whatever application you are using.

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