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Sub Nitrogen Phase Change Compressor unit

by jebusv20
Tags: compressor, nitrogen, phase, unit
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Dec6-12, 09:18 AM
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Hey guys, I don't post here often but I like to come here when I have a problem that really rattles my brain.

I am an 'overclocker' by hobby (I tune computers), a big part of the overclocking scene is cooling the processor of the computer as far as possible. For years now the 'best' way of doing this has either been the use of a cascade phase change unit (phase change compressor cooling the hot side of another phase change compressor) or what is known as a pot (essentially a large 3kg+ cup of copper) that is often filled with liquid Nitrogen good for -196C.

There is also the very rare use of liquid helium at -250C or so, but the cost of liquid helium is so prohibitive that helium runs happen no more than half a dozen times a year all around the world.

My idea is, could a compressor be used, with the hot side bathed in liquid nitrogen to create a temperate delta allowing for sub 200-250 temperatures on the cold side?

I am completely aware that 90% of this will not make much sense as I am not as scientifically literate as I would like to be (IT at university, not Eng). If you believe you can help, please ask questions so I can translate to smart.

a guide to what overclocking is:
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