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How to find Euler's angles?

by theboss2012
Tags: euler's, rotation
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Feb6-13, 07:40 AM
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I have read about Euler's angles and matrices, including zxz,zyz, etc . I am not obliged to use a specific rotation but rather I want to figure out what angles I need to use for alpha,theta, gamma in the specific matrix. For example, I have a vector from the centre with vertex x,y,z of (0,0,15), I want to rotate it to (3,-12,15), what angles should I use or how can I obtain these angles ?

If let's say I choose zyz, i am finding difficulties finding the corresponding angles after the first x-y plane rotation.

Please disregard the scaling factor and just consider the orientation.

Look forward to hearing from you
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Feb6-13, 08:12 AM
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Use quaternion to Euler convertion. Doing a search in Google will produce hundreds of examples. Here are just a few...

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