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Adiabatic flame temperature

by Jaiganesh S
Tags: adiabatic, flame, temperature
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Jaiganesh S
Apr30-13, 05:01 AM
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Hi to all,
I want to know the temperature after combustion of methane with air. How will i calculate it? Kindly inform me.

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May2-13, 12:02 PM
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Hi, first you need a balanced reaction eq with air

[tex]CH_4 + 2O_2 + 7,43N_2 => CO_2+2H_2O+7,43N_2[/tex]

then you can use this relation;

[itex]T_f=T_o+\frac{n\Delta H_c}{\Sigma nC_p}[/itex]

where T_f is Adiabatic flame temperature
T_o : 298 K, n: nb of moles and [tex]\Delta H_c [/tex]is heat of combustion of methane
[tex]\Sigma nC_p[/tex]
is the thermal capacities of RHS, thus: [tex]1*C_p(CO_2)+2C_p(H_2O)+7,43C_p(N_2)[/tex]

May2-13, 01:41 PM
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