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Shooting images through window pane glass

by solarblast
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May13-13, 09:38 PM
P: 136
For a simple starter, I'm curious what the transparency of pane glass is.

Moreover, we have a domed observatory and one of the two shutters (lower) has a common window pane about 3' on a side. In fact, there are three elements of the shutter area; upper, lower, and a wind screen (below the lower shutter). Typically, we do not use the wind screen. When used it can be attached to the lower shutter, and drawn up from a spool on which the screen is wound. In this format, it has the advantage of keeping air from circulating into the dome, and providing air stability.

It recently was brought to my attention that maybe the wind screen should be in use because of the stability just mentioned. However, that may not be good if the window transparency is say 70-80%. The CCD camera on the telescope is use for astrometry, so b/w is fine. No need for color photography. However, it may be that the glass might flex when the inside and outside temps are different. Possibly dirt on the window may be a factor. I have do idea yet if this would cause trouble.

Comments are welcome any of this?
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May14-13, 07:41 AM
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Hi, I don't have any input to your questions but I was curious to see an image of your observatory with the wind screen from the description.
May14-13, 08:41 AM
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The problem with window panes are other optical qualities (the big problem is not transparency but that they aren't flat, not coated, introduce color errors etc.) compared with optics. One could use optical quality glass but that would be very expensive.

Many years ago a guy in Kalix in northern Sweden built an observatory with a removable Mylar "window" so that he could observe when the temperature outside is -40 degrees C or colder. Mylar can have quite decent optical quality (see ).

May14-13, 01:24 PM
P: 136
Shooting images through window pane glass

Thanks. Yes, I recall the mylar approach.

As it turns out, my question is defunct. A circuit card that controls the shutter is more limited than I thought.

I have no photo of the wind screen in the proper position. I am providing one when it was out of the box that contained it.
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