Anyone good with LaTeX (not the built in stuff)

by FrogPad
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Nov7-05, 03:43 AM
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I'm trying to type a school document in [tex] \LaTeX [/tex] (using MikTeX) and everything is going pretty smooth except for a few things. How the hell do I increase the size of ALL mathematical formula.
I want all of the math in the document to become larger. So, for example if this: [tex] e^{ix}=\cos x + i \sin x [/tex] is the size in my document. How do I increase it to, lets say twice its size?
Also, if anyone knows how to center an image (I'm using the \includegraphics command) please let me know.
Thanks a billion!
Seriously [tex] \LaTeX [/tex] is awesome by the way. (on a side note) I'm hoping my skills in it will get good enough so I finally stop using Microsoft word... yuck :(
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Nov7-05, 03:48 AM
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Well you probably have to use the word processing programs font size changer...
primal schemer
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Nov7-05, 06:21 AM
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To center an image just use the \centering command. e.g.:

\includegraphics[scale = X]{ImageName}


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Nov7-05, 10:40 AM
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Anyone good with LaTeX (not the built in stuff)

Thanks primal :) that worked like a charm.

Pengwuino, I'm using notepad. Should I use a specific [tex] \TeX [/tex] editor to change the math font?

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