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    Interested in Understanding Limitations to 12V DC battery applications

    Im a little confused. If I understand this correctly you want to have a 24V supply and convert that two 12V. You want a switching power supply/DC-DC converter. Here we go:" Unfortunately, that won't work for your application unless your chassis isn't the...
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    Implementing digital PID control

    Actually, it really depends on the situation which he unfortunately did not tell us what he is doing. In robotics PID loops generally are not overkill or at least a partial PID loop is because the load is always changing.
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    Boyancy Problem

    Yeah. Your equation is right. Though don't you need to divide the diamter by two to get the radius? I checked neither of those two possible solutions are correct.
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    Boyancy Problem

    Yeah which is why I hate it when I get these problems wrong.:) I know that has to be the answer. I can't figure out why Im not getting the right number. Here is what I am getting. 1108353.888 Newtons.
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    Boyancy Problem

    What in am doing wrong? I assumed it's just the volume of the tank and then you find the weight of the water displaced. It's not working. I made sure that the diameter was changed into a radius for the volume of the sphere. Also as a sanity note, if you have a tank that sinks when it's empty...
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    Coolest Word Ever

    This is so asinine. I love the word asinine.
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    Most persistent myths.

    Actually the Columbus story is the myth. My history teacher taught me that a lot of people during that time period thought the earth was round. The only reason why Columbus was rejected because they thought it was too big for him to circumnavigate.
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    Antigravity and Discovery Channel's Credibility

    Heheh... They even tried stealing energy using a giant coil of wire. Adam said," Well it's technically not free energy but it's free as in we are stealing it."
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    Antigravity and Discovery Channel's Credibility

    Nope sorry... The devices actually work. The science is crap. They work on a priciple known as ion wind. It is a really cool science experiment and nothing more. Not that desperate. Nasa The Ultimate Debunkers Look at that. They even cite studies that debunked this as pseudoscience. I...
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    Insights Guide to C++ Programming For Beginners

    Oddly enough that's not entirely true. .net express
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    Bill Nye's Back

    I once met Beakman. He was cool.:) I see Bill Nye on the news stations every now and then when something scientific happens. I think the last time I saw him he was on Neil Cavotu's show on Fox discussing how it makes money sense to work to save the environment.
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    What do you think about the civilization in Mars,if there was any?

    What's ironic is that if you the read bad astronomy website, the author concedes that Hoagldand did a thorough job of debunking the moon myth and he was even corrected by him. Strange isn't it.
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    Antigravity and Discovery Channel's Credibility

    This is a bunch of crock but oddly enough the device reminds me of something that I found in a book that contains a bunch of projects. In fact Im almost positive it's the same stupid devcie that attemps to make a mockery of science. I wonder if/does it actually work on any scientific...
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    What are you doing in your parallel universes?

    Let's see Im probably thinking about what I am doing in the other parallel universes.
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    Black Hole in the Lab?

    Dam. This has got to be the second news story of Brookhaven National Laboratory involving RHIC and black holes. What's odd about this is that BNL officially said there is no way that black holes can be created. Here is a link to the laboratories official stance on the little black holes. This...