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    Amusement Rotor Ride Explanation

    here the normal reaction by the wall is due to centrifugal force of the cylinder condition for a person to held up inside is μsFcf=mg
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    Moment of inertia of a set of spinning disks

    i'm just answering to your question b. parallel axis theorem is also comes from the base I=Σmiri^2 ie,for a disk at a distance x from o,I=Σmi(ri+x)2 =Σmiri^2+Σmix2+Σmi2rix =Σmiri^2+Mx2
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    Moment of inertia of a set of spinning disks

    the actual M.I is not like that it must calculated by calculating M.I of each disks about o it may be near to the M.I of the rod with width L/15 given above ,(answer to 2nd question)...
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    Moment of inertia of a set of spinning disks

    a rod of mass M and length L has moment of inertia,I=ML2/12 but it is only for a thin rod here the rod is a line passing through centers of disks,it's M.I constitute only small part of total M.I of the arrangement here,the moment of inertia the arrangement is comparable to the M.I of a rod of...
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    Charges inside a metal sphere will tend to go towards

    i think charges will go to the surfaces if there is excess charge(suppose +ve) inside the metallic sphere in static situation it will produce electric field.then free electrones move to the +ve charge to neutralize it.movement of free electrones cause +ve charge somewhere,the metallic...
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    Grabber - statics example

    Yes,that is the correct answer:smile:
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    Grabber - statics example

    i think the frictional force balance the wight of the box.we have to give the normal force on the box that give rise to the friction by giving a torque to the grabber
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    Bernoulli Equation and Velocities

    sir I have a doubt why component of gravitational force doesn't matter here when tap is at an angle considering a fluid part it has 2 forces on it 1 by the pressure or weight created by fluid part above it and gravitational force on it. please coeerct me if I am wrong
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    Archived 'Kinematics - Vector Derivative' Exercise

    the rotation of body3 also influence the centrifugal force on the cursor and distance it moved against spring force when body3' z3 axis become parallel to z2 axis total mass=m2+m3 cursor moves x distance from equilibrium position where kx=(m2+m3)(a+x)(theeta point)^2 when body3 moves 90degrree...
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    Evaluate Problems using fluid dynamics

    but water also excert pressure on the plate contributing to the force
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    Rotational kinematics of a spherical rock upon collision

    by momentum conservation (M+m)V=mv V=mv/(M+m) force on large rock,F=change in momentum by time=m(v-V)/t=mv(1-1/(M+m))/t torque on it,T=RFsinx=RFa/R=Fa ang.momentum,L=Tt=Fat=mv(1-1/(M+m))a
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    Evaluate Problems using fluid dynamics

    pressure on the flat plate where water hits,F/A2=p2+density/2(v2^2) (when P by air=0(considering plate near to exit))
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    Evaluate Problems using fluid dynamics

    the force is due to the pressure of moving fluid there F=P*A
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    Thermodynamic equation from textbook

    you said that exothermic reaction under adiabatic condition the T will rise.then why the system do expansion work to maintain T constant