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    Mathematical Physics for Undergrad

    No, it's not. Both are suitable for an undergrad course.. I think you may be referring to this one
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    Good Books about the Overviews of Mathematics

    I like this one though some parts may be too advanced...
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    Best Classical Mechanics book (not intro to mechanics)

    There are lots of great CM books out there. Besides Taylor and Gregory some of my favorites are - Scheck - Mechanics: From Newton's Laws to Deterministic Chaos -Lanczos - The Variational Principles of Mechanics...
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    Mathematical Methods book for Undergraduate

    Hassani is the one you're looking for! It's not as rigorous as a pure math book, but it is certainly not the typical hand-wavy math methods book. Szekeres is also a great book though...
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    Why is the Separation of Variables method valid?

    I recommend that you take a look at these
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    Books on mathematical physics

    I second this reccomendation, it's a very nice book. Stay away from Arfken!!
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    Book on differential geometry

    In my opinion the exercises are not that hard. I think there's a good balance between computational exercises and proofs... you souldn't have much trouble figuring out whether your answers are correct or not.
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    Book on differential geometry

    I have the second edition and it doesn't contain solutions. Maybe they added some in the third edition but I'm not sure...
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    Book on differential geometry

    I'm really surprised no one has mentioned Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity by John Baez... I love that book, it's not very rigorous, but it provides a lot of insight, and for each topic gives a list of references, so that...
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    Book(s) to gain practice with green's functions, spherical harmonics

    I'm confused haha.. you dislike hand-wavy books, but you are not looking for a pure math book... You should also note that Hassani wrote two books, Math Methods For Students of Physics and Related Fields (maybe the one you looked at), and the one I mentioned earlier, which is a graduate...
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    Book(s) to gain practice with green's functions, spherical harmonics

    Hassani gives a really nice treatment of Green Functions in his book Mathematical Physics: A Modern Introduction to its Foundations
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    Replacing introductory physics book with a set of more advanced books?

    I'd also replace Born & Wolf (too advanced) and Hecht (too verbose) with Kenyon
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    Need a good course or textbook to learn intermediate ODE's

    You could try Ordinary Differential Equations by Arnold or Differential Equations: A Dynamical Systems Approach by Hubbard & West They're both great!
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    Second Calculus Book?

    This is the one you are looking for! Advanced Calculus of Several Variables by Edwards
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    A good textbook in Differential Equations for pure mathematicians

    For a first course I highly recommend Braun