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    Programs Too many majors?

    I trust the PF community to give expert advice, so here's my current ordeal. I'm a soph in college dual-majoring in math and physics (no disadvantages there ill bet) and with a single minor in astronomy. Hopefully, given those credentials and some research under my belt that i'll begin with this...
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    Programs Is a dual major worth it?

    I'm already majoring in physics but plan on majoring in math as well. If I'm aiming to go into astronomy or astrophysics, I assume the math BS would help like steroids, right? And how important should it be for me to get into the state university to study said fields if I plan on going to...
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    Scientists claims light speed barrier broken

    So am I to understand that photonic tunneling is bs? I assumed that nimitz more or less just transferred information between two photons but not the photons themselves? Now I'm more confused than I started!
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    External HDD issues

    So I just salvaged the HD from my laptop which just imploded itself, it still works and all (I have it connected to an enclosure and USB'd into my computer), but I can't get my files off of it. It keeps saying that the access is denied, and I realize this is a microsoft privacy thing, but is...
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    Dark Energy Interation With Gravity?

    So we don't really know what DE is quite yet, but because it is a form of energy density, does it bend space to produce gravity like other, more dense, concentrations of it (like mass)? On a universal scale, does dark energy curve spacetime? I'm thinking this is an untestable idea, since it...
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    Books on proofs

    Haven't taken a proof course yet, that's what I'm preparing for. I'm sure Larson will help along the way, thanks a bunch.
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    Does Moon exist if you don't look at it?

    And what of the tides?
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    Books on proofs

    I'm planning on taking a limits and infinite series course soon and was wondering what book(s) I could get off Amazon that would make the process a little less painless when it comes to proofs? Quantifiers, those sort of things, I have no idea about any of it and I'm taking a pre-limits class...
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    Unusual Salt-Water Reaction? The gist is like this: radiowaves are used to heat up saltwater, making it up to 3000F. Speculation exists over the energy usefulness of this. Whats the opinion here on it? I'm no chemist, so its all enxothermic to me.
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    DM Halos

    I was wondering, if dark matter (DM) halos are spherical in nature and increase in density as a function of distance from the galactic core, why does the density drop off so suddenly and why would stars on the edge of a galaxy feel an inward pull? To elaborate on the 2nd question, if DM...
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    Trying to install WinTex

    I installed MikTex 2.5 all right I think but the wizard for WinTex doesn't work. It keeps telling me I need to locate an Installroot file or something like that. :frown: Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    New radiation warning symbol

    <--------should change that symbol to red and people fleeing from posts Isn't the traditional symbol seeded enough into popular media (movies, tv shows, etc) that the average joe would assume it has to be synonymous with "don't go in here!" or "danger!"?
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    A contradiction ?

    The gravitational influence of everything in the universe decides whether or not it keeps expanding (which it will) What you're talking about is, i think, the shape of the universe (saddle, sphere or flat). Dark energy gives us how fast it's expanding.
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    Gravitational invluence of glaciers

    I remember listening to the Naked Scientist radio show a while back on the topic of climate change, and one way, they said, melting glaciers could pose a threat was that, due to their humongous mass, could relieve pressure on the crust when melted and open up the possibility for easier plate...