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    Need serious help with computer

    i've had usb keyboard trouble also by pulling it out and plugging it back in often does the trick. also try plugging it into a different usb socket.
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    Mathematics vs Physics

    by imagining this plane, have i not created it? I do not believe that any bits of my brain is out of this world.
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    Mathematics vs Physics

    where do these "numbers ,shapes, etc" come from?
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    Mathematics vs Physics

    what is "the study of mathematics"?
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    Mathematics vs Physics

    Mathematics and Physics are two different classes you can enrol into. The goals are the same. Make sure you pass the exams. The contents will surely be abit of this and abit of that.
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    PC virus support from an MS employee

    it is found in c:\windows\system32\rsvp.exe fileversion: 5.1.2600.0 (xpclient.010817-1148) Decription: Microsoft RSVP Copyright: © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. sure, i will assist wherever i can.
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    PC virus support from an MS employee

    i've disabled the startups like you said. One program still appears each time i startup. rsvp.exe is this safe?
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    PC virus support from an MS employee

    help my computer is generating alot of error messages lately. it even tries to send a report over the internet on each account. the error is related to a program called windows xp sp2. i cant seem to find anything the the add/remove list for windows xp sp2? how can uninstall that program?
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    Buying a computer

    because he's going to run windows XP, i recommend atleast 512+256 MB of RAM. the rest is unimportant and should be the most basic setup. And the only way to do that and save money is at your local computer shop that can custom build a laptop. And make sure he buys a USB memory stick also.
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    Sudoku solving with matricies and/or diophantine equations [Broken]
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    Easy Math question

    i just want to say. HallsoftIvy is a very patient and active tutor. good work!
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    Proving absolute morals exist

    A Good King will upbring his city. That city will stockpile many fruit. The citizens will devide into two classes. One class works on creating free time. The second class creates work from free time. A mass orgy takes place. The citizens multiply and outgrow The Good kings ability to...
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    Brain Teaser - How does 12=11?

    12 is a name property. 11 is a name property. the above two instances are properties of a common object.
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    What is energy

    energy is local time