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    Any advanced physics students/academics that have failed?

    I think just about everyone who is successful in physics has encountered a major challenge in their academic career. If they haven't one is left to wonder if they every really pushed themselves. That said, there's a difference between finding something challenging and outright failing. I...
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    Physics Is there any way to do a Masters in Physics without Physics in undergrad?

    That sounds like a good basis for a talk with an academic advisor. If you're only in your second year now, that's probably not too late to switch majors. At very least, you can start by taking an introductory physics course or two. That will get them out of the way and it's a good way to find...
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    Physics Is there any way to do a Masters in Physics without Physics in undergrad?

    Even if you could find a way in, I'm not sure that you'd really want to get into a Master's program without any formal undergraduate education in physics. For the record, there are graduate programs that will accept people who haven't specifically done an undergraduate program in physics. BUT...
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    Far from over? [Covid-19]

    I think we're likely to see an oscillatory behavior with restrictions for the foreseeable future. By that I mean that we're likely to continue to see reactionary (and hopefully some preemptive) responses to local trends. As cases rise, social restrictions will be increased to prevent the...
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    At what level is radiation totally safe for our body?

    Just to add to what's been said, it's important to remember that in radiology there are guidelines for the use of imaging modalities that use ionizing radiation that help physicians weight the risks and benefits of imaging exams. See for example:
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    Need help with writing a paper in MS Word 2019 (how to handle references and citations)

    Just to get it out of the way, if you're a physics or mathematics student, you should probably look up LaTeX. It's generally the standard means of writing academic papers in STEM fields and though there is a learning curve, what you'll find is that once you've learned it, you'll be able to...
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    Other Independent Research in Physics

    It sounds to me like your more immediate short term goal is to gain admission to a foreign university, and somehow you've become convinced that the way to make this happen is to independently publish some kind of ground-breaking paper. I think the first thing to recognize is that it typically...
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    Studying Might need to take 5 courses one semester in second year physics/math

    It looks like a fairly standard course load for a second year physics student to me. Personally I liked having one course that wasn't STEM related each semester. I think I studied better when I was able to switch gears once in a while. But some people do better with total immersion and feel...
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    Programs Associate of Applied Science Degree in non-career related field?

    It sounds to me like you've answered your own question. I might add that in today's economy, having a skilled trade as an alternative option for employment isn't the worst idea in the world. There is of course apprenticeship involved beyond the coursework, but it might be worth figuring out...
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    Other Recent Grad with Job market Questions

    When I've been on hiring committees, we expect them. And when a candidate doesn't provide one, we're left to wonder how serious they really are about the position. Do they really want to work with us or were they just firing their CV blindly at a posted position? A well-written cover letter...
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    Courses I think I won't get an A in Quantum Mechanics I

    Dropping a course because you're not getting a "A" is a bad habit to get into. It's one thing if you're missing some major prerequisite work, or you're encountering some other major obstacle in your life like an illness that's keeping you from focusing on the material. But if you're just...
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    What is left to discover or invent for the hobbyist scientist/engineer

    I think a lot can depend on the specific field in question. When you're talking about, say well established academic fields in physics, like general relativity for example, where you have cohorts of very smart people spending their careers advancing the field, then sure, there isn't a lot of...
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    Revising coursework during my PhD

    I suppose it depends on your program. In many programs students take a fair chunk of time to go over their course material in preparation for their comprehensive exam. That said, PhDs tends to have a lot of 'unconstrained' time. Meaning that you're really your own master. If you want to make...
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    Other PhD in Engineering - Logistical Questions

    If you're thinking about ROI, a lot depends on what you end up doing with the PhD, and the opportunities available at the time. Certainly there is a major opportunity cost, and I think @YoshiMoshi's post just scratches the surface. Many PhDs take longer than 4 years. I think the typical range...
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    Other PhD in Engineering - Logistical Questions

    I might answer this in reverse order. 4. No. To expand a little - a PhD is a full time job. I'm sure you can find examples of people who have worked full time through at least part of their PhD, so it technically is *possible* but they are so few and far between the effective answer is that...