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    Studying If you are an engineer but find out you don't like it?

    For what it's worth, when I was talking about getting involved with various clubs and groups, I meant once you get to university. It's great if your high school has these too, of course, but as you say, in your case the opportunity may not be there. As the risk of giving your second question a...
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    Schools Can I recover from this poor performance in my 5th semester?

    Try not to fixate so much on the GPA numbers. Okay, sure you're having a bad semester. But the real concern is why. What's different about this semester? And perhaps more importantly, what's your plan to address it?
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    Studying If you are an engineer but find out you don't like it?

    There's no litmus test for life, I'm afraid. If you're not sure about which direction to go in (and who really is coming out of high school), it's best to keep things as general as possible as first. Most first year engineering/physics programs share a set of common courses. In many schools you...
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    Admissions Including High Energy Theory as a field of interest in my SOP?

    I can't speak to the details of HET in particular, but generally speaking I think what admission committees are looking for in these kinds of statements is that you've done some homework and know what you're getting yourself into. They want to know that their program is going to be a good fit...
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    Programs What are my chances at Physics PhD programs in the USA?

    Sure, with a 3.3 GPA, a publication under your belt, some good reference letters and a decent score on the GRE, you should be able to get in *somewhere.* But the probability of acceptance goes down as GPA goes down. All anyone can really say is that it tends to approach zero around the 3.0 mark...
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    Programs What are my chances at Physics PhD programs in the USA?

    I would place a lot of weight on what your advisor is recommending. That person knows a lot more about the specifics of your program and the best strategies for its graduates than we do. And one of the big problems with delaying your application for a year is that you could run into a similar...
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    Do I take these PhD red flags seriously?

    Sure - might be weird, but this is basically an unknown. There are a lot of reasons why someone might not want to talk about an experience in a particular lab and not all of them mean that this experience will be negative for you. It could be the guy felt he was treated poorly, but doesn't want...
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    Writing: Input Wanted Ending on a cliffhanger...

    It seems you've made your specific decision on this, but for what it's worth as a fellow author, I'll weigh in. Regardless, I think what you want is to give the reader a satisfying experience for having read the book. A cliffhanger can be a useful tool to encourage readers to pick up the next...
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    Physics Do endowed research positions exist in physics like Terrence Tao has?

    I wonder if what you might really be interested in is academic tenure and its association with academic freedom. Yes, this exists in physics.
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    Physics What kind of graduate schools should I apply to given my stats?

    I believe the point is that this kind of question, i.e. which graduate schools should aim at, is a good one to discuss with your current professors, and your academic advisor. These people are generally familiar with your program, with where students from your program typically end up given how...
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    Studying How far can I get if I stick to self studying physics?

    To the OP, It's great if you want to self-study physics out of personal interest. That's awesome. To get to the point where most people can start to tackle the subjects you've listed at the graduate level, it takes about four years of full time study in an undergraduate physics program. Even...
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    Explaining my Degree

    This sounds to me like you're trying to solve a problem before you've actually encountered it. Is the title of your degree, actually a problem on job application forms? Does it really take up too much space on your CV? As it stands "Computer Science and Physics with an Applied Concentration"...
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    Judge gets scientific method better than scientists

    Yes, but really I think we all know that the best way to establish the expertise of a witness... Correct timing of a 1955 Bel Air Chevrolet with a 327 ci engine and a four barrel carburetor
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    Physics PhD — Is it worth it?

    From a financial point of view there's a tremendous opportunity cost to a PhD. You're looking at ~ 6 years of your life following your undergraduate degree with relatively little income. If you otherwise spend that time earning an income inline with the medial of a STEM graduate, you've got 6...
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    Admissions Classic schooling questions [bachelor's]

    Here's the blunt truth of it. If you want to get into graduate school for physics, the road is through an undergraduate degree in physics. There really aren't any short cuts around this. It doesn't matter how much you've self-studied or who will give you glowing reference letters or what your...