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    Related rates

    a women is walking at a rate of 6 ft/sec across a bridge 40 ft above the water, a man in a boat is immediately below the woman on the bridge , at right angles to the bridge and at the rate of 4 ft /sec. how fast is the man and woman seprating at the end of 10 seconds what i have figured out...
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    Chain rule

    g(x) = (4+csc^2(3x))^1/2? it is this one it was orginally the squrt of 4+csc^2(3x) i just attempted to simplify it
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    Differentiation rule ?

    f(t) = 400t+70/t+1 represents the temp. in an oven and f(t) is in F degrees first i used the quotient rule and got 330/(t+1)^2 = f'(t) A) the rate of change in temp of the ove with respect to the time of 2 minutes after turnig the oven on and at 10 minutes i pluged 2 and 10 in...
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    Chain rule

    g(x) = (4+csc^2(3x))^2 this is what i got 1/2(4+csc^2(3x))^-1/2 * d/dx (4+csc^2(3x) g'(x) = 1/2(4+csc(3x))^-1/2 (1+cot3) did i go about this correct to get the answer or did i mess it up at the diretive part? joe
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    Struggling on this one

    y = x*square root of 3 + 2sinx find the x coordinate on (0,2pie) of the points where y has a horizonal tangent line I am really lost and struggling on getting this started :cry: :confused: thanks joe
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    Calculus answer check

    Am I goong about these two problems correctly? A) F(x) = (xsinx)(cosx) find F'(x) f(x)*d/dx(g(x) + g(x) * d/dx F(x) product rule F'(x) = xsinx d/dx (cosx) + cos x d/dx xsinx = xsinx*(-sinx) + cos x *(xcosx) = -xsin^2 x^2 + xcos^2 x^2 is that right B) F(x) = xe^x/ x^2 +...
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    How to approach this problem

    If F(x) -64/x^2 and it wants me to find an equation that decribes its position at (8,-1) which way do you think is best to find this out using the division of deritives or get it by limts
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    Vertical asymptotes

    The question is fine a equation f(x) that has a vertical asymptotes of X=1and X=3 and a horizontal asymptotes of Y=1 A) (x-1)(x-3) / y-1 = x^2-4x+3 / x-1 OR B) (x-1) /(x-1)(x-3) = just the oppsite of above is any of these correct? I think B is correct but right now I can't...
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    5 years since my last math class

    I don't know much about it , and reading the scetion is difficult to understand. I have been going to math lab and looking for a tutor to assist me with my struggles. but at least i am on the right track. You said that this function passes through 0. Do I need to pick a point greater than...
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    One more limit ?

    Can anybody help me get started on this the radical in the Numerator gots me lost. F(x) = 3-sq root x / 9-x has a removable discontinuity at x=9. define a new function g(x) such that g=f everywhere except at x = 9 , but is continuous everywhere. :confused: thanks joe
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    5 years since my last math class

    It has been at least 5 years since my last math class and I am kinda struggling. The question is: Use the intermediate value theorem to show that there is a root of ln x = e^-x on the interval (1,2). Find the correct root to 3 decimal values What i have so far f(1) = ln 1...
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    Struggling in econ

    :confused: Suppose a firm in a perfectly competive industry is producing a output of 10 units. The firms total revenue at this output is $80 and its total cost is $30. The firms marginal cost associated with the 11 unit of a output is $12. What can i say about an increase in production should...
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    Concave mirror

    thanks for that information because I was going to ask the question tuesday
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    Index of refraction

    In this figure the path of the light passes from air to glass. Calculate the index of refraction n1 = air = 1 n2 = glass = ? Sin theta 1 = 30degrees sin theat 2 is = 20 degrees formula used n2 = n1*sin theta 1 / sin theta 2 sin of 30/ sin of 20 = n2 = 1.46 is this correct hope the...
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    Concave mirror

    not sure really where the image is i didn't think you could have a negitive distance joe