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    I Determinism, realism, hidden variables

    Regardless of the experiments trying to prove subjective reality,versus objective reality,one thing seems to be overlooked:The internal mechanism by which we observe the results of any experiment. The human brain. There are processes within our brain that are not entirely understood,and some...
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    B All actions are reactions

    Imagine the two particles at rest.What action puts them in motion?
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    B All actions are reactions

    Please give examples of an electromagnetic violation of action/reaction.
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    B All actions are reactions

    My grandson asked me this question: If in fact,as Newton said,all actions are accompanied by an equal and opposite reaction, then there can be no single actions in the universe;all actions must therefor be part of a reaction between two opposite and equal actions,which are in fact also...
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    Could accretion on a neutron star’s poles cause the jets?

    IMHO: In the very center of a neutron star,where mass is equal in all directions there should be an area of zero gravity. This would allow circulation of particles in a small area of the core. In-falling matter would disturb this area,causing great stress as the particles are forced into a...
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    Single slit diffraction experiment

    What effect does the thickness of the slit material,relative to the width and length of the slit itself, have on the resulting pattern? Is the width of the slit proportional to the wavelength? What about spacing between the slits? What if one slit is rotated 90 degrees with respect to the...