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    I've observed that by putting great effort into learning concepts

    Man. I smoked for 20 years, about half a pack a day. I quit smoking about a month ago, am doing just fine. Then I was randomly surfing YouTube and came across theme from Civilization II, It's a PC game that came out in 1996 that I use to play while smoking. Waaaay back in 1996. As...
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    Is there a connection between spin and KE/mass-energy equivalence?

    Does the spin magnetic moment of these particles act like a toroid or a line (a +/- charged particle moving in straight line)?
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    Is there a connection between spin and KE/mass-energy equivalence?

    Bosoms (energy'ish) are 1 spin integers, Fermions (mass'ish) are 1/2 spin integers. KE=1/2MV^2 E=1MV^2 I've only been trying to wrap my puny mind around spin for longer than 10 years, these spins creates magnetic poles right? In all 3 dimensions?
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    What's the matter with a Particle Zoo?

    The particle zoo infers a more simplistic base ruleset, like atoms creating an almost infinite amount of chemical contraptions. Why are some particles more stable than others?
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    Ice in 5 seconds?

    lol The message is not too short, damn you.
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    Correlation between science and atheism/agnosticism

    I was atheist (not the militant kind, I just didn't care) before I studied math and physics in college. 1) Energy/Mass is conserved, meaning the universe had to be created. Something from nothing has never been observed. 2) The genesis story in the bible, while the timetable isn't perfect...
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    Favorite Sci-Fi television or movie?

    My vote: Farscape! I haven't bought a movie in 6 years, but I just bought all 4 seasons of Farscape a couple months ago. It's the best.
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    Beethoven vs. Mozart

    I'm not big on classical music, too blue blood for me, but when I ran across Bach's Brandenburg Concerto's 2,3,4 (not 1 and 5, don't like those), I liked it.
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    Beethoven vs. Mozart

    Yeah that "Christian music" sucks so much: How uninspiring.
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    Beethoven vs. Mozart

    None. Bach is the best.
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    Dimensional reduction

    I know it has nothing to do with entropy, but is there some sort of sub-topic word describing this behavior other then simple angular momentum?
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    Dimensional reduction

    Like entropy tends towards chaos, why do star systems or galaxies tend to reduce their movement through the 3rd "Z" dimension even though all particles can freely move in all 3 dimensions? Flattening out. Is there some sort of word or phrase which describes this behavior? Is it possible...
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    Divide by zero

    Lorentz transformation shows that at the speed of light you divide by zero. Photons travel at the speed of light, but it isn't matter, but should that matter, matter of fact? Does this line of thinking lead anywhere, or should I terminate this world-line?