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Is there a connection between spin and KE/mass-energy equivalence?

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    Bosoms (energy'ish) are 1 spin integers, Fermions (mass'ish) are 1/2 spin integers.


    I've only been trying to wrap my puny mind around spin for longer than 10 years, these spins creates magnetic poles right? In all 3 dimensions?
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    Bosoms are actually a little different from bosons :-)

    Your equation E=1MV^2 is incorrect. Maybe you're misunderstanding E=mc2?

    Yes, there is magnetism associated with these spins.

    I'm not sure if this is what you're trying to ask, but although some quantum-mechanical spins can be partly or completely explained by motion inside the particle, not all of them can. As far as we know, some particles, such as the photon, are fundamental, so there probably isn't any structure whizzing around in circles inside them. Also, things whizzing around in circles can only make integer spins, not half-integer ones.
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    Does the spin magnetic moment of these particles act like a toroid or a line (a +/- charged particle moving in straight line)?
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