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    I Isn't it terrifying that AI can become smarter than any Mathematician?

    Isn't it terrifying that Mathematicians can become smarter than any non-Mathematician? Yes, but I don't lose sleep about it.
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    A Experimental test of shrinking matter theory?

    When we talk about the universe expanding, we mean the ratio (galaxy distance/galaxy size) is increasing. We use the scale factor a(t) to represent this. Whether (galaxy distance is increasing) or (galaxy size is decreasing) is equivalent. All we know is the ratio.
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    B Trouble understanding time dilation

    Yes, everything will moves 2 times faster Please watch this episode for a similar situation: Star Trek Voyager 6-12-Blink of an Eye (2000)
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    I The Twin Paradox implies that the Universe as a whole is a special frame

    I would not rely on Martin Gardner to learn about relativity.
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    I Conflict between the Block Universe and Bell Tests?

    Of course there is conflict between the Block Universe and Bell Tests. The Block Universe is a classical concept for a classical Universe. The real Universe is not classical, so classical physics fundamentally doesn't apply to the actual real Universe. (but classical physics is still very...
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    I Electromagnetic field according to relativity

    "the actual EM field is always time-varying" No.
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    What is a Fibre Bundle? A 5 Minute Introduction - Comments

    "see the first figure" Where is it? I see no figure.
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    B Can the fish move the ball?

    Just like a kid on a swing can go from rest to max swing just by moving his legs.
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    Insights 9 Reasons Quantum Mechanics is Incomplete - Comments

    What mean a QM interpretation? A classical version of QM? A classical understanding of QM? There need not be such thing.
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    Insights Mathematical Quantum Field Theory - Symmetries - Comments unable to load the page properly unable to leave a comment many equations, like (60), do not display
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    B Time in a timeless place

    Physics doesn't breaks down at or beyond the event horizon. And time doesn't stop for an observer at or beyond the event horizon. And we can survive at or beyond the event horizon, if the event horizon is large enough and not too much matter is falling through. According to General Relativity...
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    B How do we know some particles don't exist until measured?

    You have to reverse the question: how would you know it exist? You only know if you observe it. Just like in a Pokemon game I used to play. I walk the path and when I'm in view of the hospital, nurse Joy is at the window waving at me. Was nurse Joy already at the window before the hospital came...
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    B Solar System Map

    But it does show there's too much space in space. Something is wrong with the universe.