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    Determining the path of a particle in a field

    This is not a specific homework question, but more of a general query. If provided with a simple vector field indicating forces (for example, an electrical field), can you use integration to determine the path of a particle placed in that field, if also provided with some initial conditions...
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    I Simultaneous heating and cooling

    Nugatory, So, if I have what you are saying right, I am starting with dT/dt = -kT(t) + kTroom + c where k is a constant for cooling and c is a constant for the heating rate [as it is not affected by the temperature difference]. This seems to show that the rate of cooling is proportional to...
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    I Simultaneous heating and cooling

    I am having trouble wrapping my head around a particular problem I am thinking about. Consider that I have a heating source that I can describe in terms of either degrees Celcius / second or Joules / second, but essentially I am able to determine a fixed heating rate. Let's say: dT/dt = 5...
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    I How to resolve the heating and cooling of an object?

    Perhaps i'm not completely understanding what you are saying, and my apologies for that. The law of cooling seems to first assume you are at some temperature above Tenv and then will cool down - in the absence of any other heat in or out of the system. (If i am wrong in this, please let me...
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    I How to resolve the heating and cooling of an object?

    I am not sure how to proceed. This is just something that i have been thinking about and would love a little help with. Lets say I have a situation where i am increasing an object's heat energy at some specific rate - for arguments sake, it's 2 degrees every second. If you like we can also...
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    B Franklin bell question

    yup - that's what i thought. good point on the assumed neutrality of the ball too.
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    B Franklin bell question

    hello all so i have been messing about with a homemade franklin bell. It is being charged with an electric fly swatter. I have been wondering if the neutral ball a the center should have any preference as to which side it would be attracted to FIRST. In my head i think it should not matter...
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    I A model of what makes up the physical world

    you can see problems arising really quickly with this sort of diagram. Consider a student asking " ok - if there is force and matter - what is a force if there is no matter?" the diagram suggests this. the diagram suggests also there is matter without energy. I know YOU may know the specifics...
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    Parallel and Series Circuit

    the best way i found to working out the solution was first assuming that the 100 is in a parallel circuit.then it was a matter of calculating as i went to see if i was getting higher or lower than 62.5, thus determining what had to be arranged to get higher or lower. honestly tho, this...
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    Equations: whiteboard vs slides

    At this point we have a variety of opinions on methodology but it may prove to be a better exercise by simply picking out a single topic that would be able to be covered in a typical high school grade 12 physics class, and consider how you would put that class together, assuming you have a...
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    Trouble solving an equation

    first off - OOPS - no we are using |sin(x)| - my apologies for the typo. i was considering a linear approximation method. separating them into the two parts seems the easiest method. thanks all. this is one of those situations where i threw out a question to my students and never checked the...
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    Fun experiments to disprove Flat Earth

    I am producing a series of 'debates' between myself and my physics 12 students. I feel strongly that their ability to logically conceptualize their ideas and debate them is an important par of the class. Therefore i will argue against groups of four who must argue against a flat earth, moon hoax...
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    Determine the second derivative of a function

    consider that one way of thinking about derivatives with the chain rule is that you have a function INSIDE another function. so start with the idea that a chain rule assumes you have a function of the form f(g(x)). what does the derivative look like, according to chain rule?
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    Trouble solving an equation

    Homework Statement i am looking for the potential extrema on the function y = |sinx(x)| + (1/x) between [-2pi, 2pi] Homework Equations extrema will be likely located at f'(x) = 0 or u/d The Attempt at a Solution first it is noted that there is a discontinuity at x=0 then determining f'(x)...
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    Request for Advice on a Physics Lab

    we have laser pointers and can likely order any other items we need. Of course, mind you, I would like to avoid the "find the n value for this substance" type of experiment which still is simply a paint by numbers type of lab. although maybe there is something there with "proving the law is...