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    Injecting an unflated balloon with vacuum

    A balloon that is initially deflated but still open to atmospheric, still contains air inside its cavity. Sucking that remaining air out would make the deflated balloon further collapse to a certain degree, but because the material of the balloon is not hermetic and is permeable, if you keep...
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    Programs PhD. at a company?

    I have seen this situation happen at my Phd institution but rarely, and so far only in engineering programs. Your thesis will diverge from the company-related research at some point as you get deeper and deeper into the academic side of your thesis research. So later on you may end up having to...
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    Mathematical and Materials Science

    I think your question is too about narrowing it down a bit such as what applications? clean energy, biotech, electronics, transportation...? what classes of materials? polymers, ceramics, semiconductors etc...? you could search through different universities' websites for their...
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    Engineering Help with choosing path after bachelor's degree in engineering

    I strongly feel that unless you plan to go into academia for a career, there is no 'practical' reason to get a PhD. The years and money you spend in a graduate program, can be just as fruitfully spent working in your industry of choice, gaining valuable industry-specific experience and building...
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    Schools Getting into physics grad school

    It could be that in the case of for example, USC - saying they accept 13 out of 190 but have 78 grad students - it's because the other 65 grad students were those who had been admitted in previous years who are still there working on their degrees. so the 13 out of 190 refers to new or incoming...
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    Thermodynamics of wire calculation's one possible way to simplify the analysis down to get an approximate equation: (lots of simplifying assumptions here) Assume a steady state condition, as you have said.. Also assume that the temperature is uniform throughout the wire. Start with the energy balance on the wire: energy...
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    Deflection at any point in fixed beam

    I think the easiest thing is to define the loading using singularity functions, set it equal to EIy'''' (where E = elastic mod, I = moment of inertia, y'''' = fourth derivative of deflection); then successively integrate to get the shear force, moment, and finally the deflection as a function...
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    Is this grounds for a lawsuit?

    there are reasons to not want your name to be on the author list even if you did contribute to the paper, and so you have the right to decide if you do want to be listed as an author or not. For example, it does happen that sometimes collaborators on a project disagree with the conclusions of...
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    Math Bad economy and funding in science and maths?

    The hit in science funding already began long ago with the Bush administration. It is widely reported that the new Obama administration will supposedly increase funding for science and that the funding will be shifted away from biological/life sciences back into physical sciences. This is...
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    PVC, PEC or ?

    The only PEC I know of which can be considered a plastic might be polyethylene carbonate however it does not sound like it will fit your application... maybe the manufacturer you are working with has something different in mind when they say PEC?
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    Schools What do grad schools like?

    Undergrad admissions are based on high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores and factor in extra curricular activities Grad admissions are based on your undergraduate GPA and GRE scores (especially math if you are going into sciences for graduate school), and may factor in relevant work experience or...
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    Stress Tensor with components
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    Thermodynamics of wire calculation

    you have a 1.9 mil diameter wire with 192 Amps flowing through it??
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    Material properties at cryogenic temperatures

    have you tried the CRC Handbook? otherwise you may have to do a literature search for individual papers that deal specifically with these measurements and for the particular materials you are interested in.
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    Is this grounds for a lawsuit?

    I must have missed something then because in your first post you were asking about suing the professor... and I wasn't talking about retracting the entire article, just your name from the author list. so I thought you were looking to do something concrete to remedy the situation, whatever...