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  • It is so dark here. Did you bring a flashlight?
    Yes. Here it is:
    \nabla \cdot \mathbf E &= \frac \rho {\epsilon_0}\\
    \nabla \cdot\mathbf B &= 0\\
    \nabla \times \mathbf E &= -\frac{\partial \mathbf B}{\partial t}\\
    \nabla \times \mathbf B &= \mu_0 \left( \mathbf J + \epsilon_0 \frac{\partial \mathbf E}{\partial t} \right)\end{aligned}$$
    $$\frac{\partial L}{\partial q}-\frac{d}{dt} \frac{\partial L}{\partial \dot q}=0$$
    When nature gets lazy...
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    Likes LCSphysicist and etotheipi
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