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    Is hydrogen non-metallic?

    Thanks for your reply! :) How important is having the nomenclature down? Will it be used throughout chemistry? How much should I practice it?
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    Is hydrogen non-metallic?

    Is hydrogen always a nonmetal or can it be a metal? What is it usually treated as? Thanks.
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    Derivative of an absolute value

    I don't get why: \frac{d}{dx}[|u|]=\frac{u}{|u|}(u') Can someone give me an example to which this applies? Can you use any function in place of "u"?
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    Arc length/ surface area with integrals

    I have a question on the formulas for arc length and surface area. Do you use the formula: s= \int_{c}^{d}\sqrt{1+[g'(y)]^2}dy only when you are provided with a function x=g(y)?? Can you convert that to y=g(x) and solve it by replacing g'(y) with y(x), changing the bounds and the dy to dx...
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    Limits & Riemman Sum

    Well, here's what I have so far: \int_a^b f(x) dx = \lim_{N \to \infty} \sum_{n=1}^N (\frac{1}{N}\sin(\frac{\pi i}{N})
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    Limits & Riemman Sum

    Homework Statement Question regarding #16 Homework Equations Riemman Sum The Attempt at a Solution I know that the limit of the Riemman Sum is basically the integral. However, I do not know where to go from there. Do I need to use the Summation formulas? Thanks
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    Sample Problems

    Homework Statement I'd like hints as to how to solve this problem. Thanks! \lim_{x\rightarrow{\inf}}{\frac{x^2-4}{2+x-4x^2}} Homework Equations I think I would begin by dividing out the fraction to get rid of the x^2? Is this the right way to start? The Attempt at a Solution
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    Graphing with respect to y

    Homework Statement I'm having difficulty graphing with respect to y (unless I graph it point by point). For example, I find it hard to graph: f(y)= \frac{y}{\sqrt{16-y^2}} Does anyone know of an easy method to graph such a function or know how to do it on a Ti 84+ SE? Also, it would...
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    Writing Cram Sheets for Math/Science Classes

    Writing "Cram Sheets" for Math/Science Classes... I like to write "Cram Sheets" for Math/Science Class that include my common mistakes, important notes, and any extra information that my textbook does not accentuate or simplify. I like them to be neat and tidy (and hopefully digital so I can...
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    Notation for separation of variables

    My book has a problem that requires you to separate variables (one side has all the y terms and one side has all of the x terms): \sin{xy'}=\cosx Equation after separation of variables: dy=\cot{x}dx My question is, how do you know that the y' is contained within the sine function or...
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    Separation of Variables

    I do not understand the process of separating variables such as in derivatives. I thought that dy/dx is just the rate of change of y with respect to the independent variable x. Why can you physically move dx (like multiply it on both sides)?? What would "dy" be reffered to as then? Simply the...
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    AP Calculus Questions

    Here are some questions I have concerning AP Calculus that I have compiled while doing my homework assignments. Please help me answer them. Thank you very much! Questions: -Do you never need to worry about the chain rule when integrating? I'll add on to these questions when I have more.
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    Mathematica I don't know what to do with Mathematica 5.1 and Mathcad 12

    My dad bought the student version. So do you guys think it would be faster (than writing) to do my assignments this way? Would my teacher allow me to turn in my homework using this piece of software as long as I show my work? You can basically do everything you can by writing (i.e. graphing...
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    Mathematica I don't know what to do with Mathematica 5.1 and Mathcad 12

    Wait this software is worth over two thousand dollars? Do you think I can use it to do my homework more efficiently? Do college students use it to do their homework assignments?
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    How do you guys study Calculus and such subjects?

    How do you guys study for your finals? I'm having a Calculus I final soon (limits up to integration with logs and inverse derivatives) and I do not know how I should review most efficiently. Should I do the review problems at the end of each chapter and see where I need review the most or just...