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    Is PWM for control of Peltier Element logical?

    I'm making a circuit to control the temperature of a peltier element, and I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way that will actually work over the long term, and not burn out my components fast. At first I wanted to just use standard power regulation to control the power to the element and...
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    I know this has been hammered out before, but

    In my ignorant opinion, I think this just shows how flawed our knowledge of algebra is. If .999... 1, than I would hope I can answer every math question ever with 0/0 seeing as how 0/0 can be anything, but that is meaningless. So, why isn't .999... meaningless? Just because there is a rule out...
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    Studying Why maths textbooks when you can have Wikipedia?

    Are you going to write a proof for that? I am joking. Wikipedia was actually blocked from my schools internet due to its inaccuracy. Not that it keeps me out. It actually really is a great source, especially ones with loads of citations, because you can go to the citation links and use those...
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    How to get one from many?

    In all honesty, what I am trying to do is track back my cells. From the number of cells that I have today, back to the original gametes. I'm trying to determine how many cells I have gone through, and how long it took for me to go through them mathematically. Obviously I can add roughly 9 months...
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    How to get one from many?

    First of all, since my title isn't self explanatory, what I am trying to do is take a large number and work with it such that overtime it becomes a small number. For example, I am trying to take a number like 400 and say that it came from the number one. But it came from the number 1 in such a...
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    Energy CAN be made

    Obviously energy can be made, or how would it have gotten here. Energy didn't always exist in our realm, there was a start. But on a serious note, mass is energy, but it doesn't create energy. If you try to generate elictricty by tossing a coil up a rod then when it comes back down, you just...
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    If something moved at the speed of light

    That sounds cool. Where can I get that machine? :P
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    Bernoulli's law

    Since the egg can't evolve, then the chicken obviously came first. If you suddenly drop the pressure in a room with a window open to the outside, then air will rush in to fill the void created by the decrease in space between atoms of air. Likewise if a sudden gust of wind enters the room...
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    Drag coefficient of a Missile

    I'm going to quote N.A.S.A: "The drag coefficient is a number that aerodynamicists use to model all of the complex dependencies of shape, inclination, and flow conditions on aircraft drag. The drag coefficient CD is equal to the drag D divided by the quantity: density r times half the velocity V...
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    Drag coefficient of a Missile

    d and cd are different, but in determining cd, you MUST in the equation supply for the fluid dynamic drag.
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    Is there another way for nuclear reactor?

    I know we use radioactive elements in nuclear reactors and the heat given of to generate electricity in the traditional steam driven turbine way, at least thats what I read. I was wondering why we can't make it more efficient through double electron capture and use captured electrons given off...
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    Drag coefficient of a Missile

    Drag coefficients are based on medium: Cd = D / (.5 * r * V^2 * A) Basic Algebra, everything in an equation is inter-related. A torpedo would have a higher drag coefficient. I don't know water dynamics though. So I couldn't say how much drag water induces, other than alot. Wedges are...
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    Drag coefficient of a Missile

    What kind of missile? Depending, I would say .01 - .03 depending, since missiles are relatively streamlined. A torpedo would have a higher induction of drag, so a higher drag coefficient. I'm not terribly familiar with missile design, like I am with aircraft design. this might...
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    Does this soda can anti-gravity trick have any validity?

    That's what I figured, strings attached.
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    Why has nothing evolved to not need sleep?

    There is no misconception on my part. You provide in post #16 that evolution occurs through mutations I presume. That is true. A random mutation could save a species, for example the rudimentary moth near a factory and darkening bark example. However, if the bark didn't darken the mutated moth...