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    O.D.E. for a Building

    You can model vibrations using a spring and a damper. If you call the building your mass, take the spring as your foundation or steel memebrs, use the ground or air as your damper and your forcing function on the RHS would be a trigonometric function such as sin or cos. In order to get a...
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    A Laplace Inverse Problem

    Factor out the real root, then preform partial fractions on the denominator, split up your expression into two, and solve. Regards, Nenad
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    Mass Spring System

    The question strictly states that the motion should be modeled by ODE's and that linear momentum cannot be used (even though in hinsight they are the same). Either way, I found out that the one spring system can be used, but only to model the CM of each vehicle. It cannot be used to...
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    Mass Spring System

    Good day all, I've got a rather puzzeling question on hand that is part of my Dynamic project. I need to model the collision of two vehicles. Each vehicle is traveling head on to the other, and each one has a spring attached to its front. We can assume that the final velovity after collision...
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    Children Are Source Of Embarrassment

    The reason the bike does not tip over when moving is because of a gyroscopic property called precession. When the bike is not moving, any lateral force on the bike tire creates a torque about the centre. This torque makes the bike tip. Once the bike is moving, this torque is still there, but...
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    Find the torque on the door

    The torque created about an axle or a ploint is the force times the perpendicular distance from the axle to the point of force. Regards, Nenad
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    Velocity of mass

    just think about that inelastic collision means and use conservation of linear momentum. Regards, Nenad
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    Magnitude of Displacement

    Magnitude of displacement is distance, with a unit of meters. It still has a unit of meters but it does not have a direction. If the magnitude is 1, this does NOT mean that in one second the distance traveled is 1. You are thinking about speed of 1m/s. No, the magnitude of displacement cannot...
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    Creating Gravity Waves

    Thanks for the input. Regards, Nenad
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    Creating Gravity Waves

    I read somewhere that the optimum way for space travellers to travel would be to use general relativity to its best, and vreate a gravitational well, so to speak, or to bent the spacetime in front of their desided direction, thus causing them to be pulled in and creating motion. The article...
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    Physics Question Regarding Densities of Spheres

    yes, this will give you the density, just rememner that you need to find density in grams per cm^3 or kg per m^3. You need to make sure you convert from volume of water to the metric system. 1000L = 1m^3. Regards, Nenad
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    Creating Gravity Waves

    Well, why would only large events such as novas and black holes be the only source for gravity waves. There is no actual theoretical way that physicists can manipulate spacetime yet?
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    Magnetism, Gauss

    check this site out: Regards, Nenad
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    Creating Gravity Waves

    Has any reaserch facility in the world developed a way to create gravity waves, sizable ones? Regards, Nenad
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    Golden ratio and physics? Regards, Nenad