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    Quantum Interpretation Poll (2011)

    My "other" interpretation is a work in progress. What i would find most appealing though would have space and time as fundamental entities and all the contents of reality captured by a locally rotated and dilated frame-field defined everywhere. In this interpretation particles are only an...
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    Do we know for sure if gravity exists in quantum states?

    It's GR not QG, it's the result of continuous spacetime curvature.
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    Do we know for sure if gravity exists in quantum states?

    This argument can also be read as a proof that T cannot be quantized in a fundamental theory and that quantization is a secondary effect relevant only for certain interactions.
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    Uniqeness of elemental particles

    As I said it is a tricky subject. Although by convention distinguishability is tied to exchange it does not have to be. We could distinguish electrons and still allow them to be exchanged. For example imagine two pool balls which look so similar that you can't tell them apart. From the...
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    Uniqeness of elemental particles

    This is a somewhat tricky subject. Even though all electrons are considered identical in physics they can still have different energy, different momentum, different spin, different position, different past, and different future. It is therefore at least partly due to the way physicists...
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    What are the ripples in STM images?

    The picture shows the shape of a electronic surface. Ripples are due to wavelike nature of electrons and their interference. The picture is done by having a scanning probe scan the surface, this scanning is very slow compared to electron speeds so the probe is actually reacting to an average...
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    Confusing torque poblem

    "Would it only be possible to do this torque calibration set up if the load is parrallel and not perpendicular to gravity" Yes, it has to be parallel to gravity or in other words the arrow on your picture has to point down so that the weight of the mass attempts to rotate the lever in the...
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    Confusing torque poblem

    The way I see it if the picture presents a top down view then there is no force to counter the "counter torque" and the lever will simply start spinning in it's direction, constantly accelerating. The mass at the end of the lever will only matter as part of the overall mass of the system...
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    STR 'rotation'.

    The link is truncated, here is the correct one:
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    Why the De Raedt Local Realistic Computer Simulations are wrong

    I've never used fortran but from what I was able to google the operator precedence seems to be standard with exponentiation '**' preceding over multiplication '*', shouldn't then the formula be: k2=ceiling(((abs(1-(c2*c2))**(d/2))*r0)/tau) ! delay time with d=2 that would reduce simply to...
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    Local realism ruled out? (was: Photon entanglement and )

    I just want to clarify that the above is true when locality is defined in terms of the speed of light. This may be the common usage but in general the concept of locality is independent of any particular speed limit it only requires that some limit does exist. In the general sense local...
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    Which interpretation is your favourite?

    Fredrik, I really appreciate your feedback and I understand your position but I don't think we can get much further with this discussion. I think my position should be more or less clear by now, I simply don't find the arguments for MWI convincing for reasons I already stated. To me the doctor...
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    Taking picture in atto second? Yes we did.

    I guess what you are talking about eha is probably some kind of an experiment using ultrashort laser pulses. It's not really taking "pictures in an attosecond," attosecond is probably the time between pulses and therefore between consecutive frames but capturing each frame has to take longer for...
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    Which of the four forces is responsible for degeneracy pressure?

    I agree with zenith8 that the origin of degeneracy pressure is just as valid a force as any other. As you can see however this view is very unpopular for historical reasons.
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    Which interpretation is your favourite?

    I think I get what you mean, but I don't think you understood my criticism since your objection already assumes many worlds. I'll try to be more explicit. Imagine the time before MWI was developed - the time when there was no such concept as "many worlds" in physics. If someone were to...