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    Geometrical GUT?

    Hi PF! When Einstein was done with his General theory of Relativity, he was trying to build upon this theory, through different approaches, like the Kaluza-Klein theory, to try to build a classical theory of everything, which was purely geometrical. Since this wasn't successful throughout the...
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    Could the new particle @ CERN be a massive graviton?

    Hi PF. I was wondering, if the newly observed particle @ CERN, could be a massive tensor boson, like a massive graviton. I have not been able to find out, whether ATLAS or CMS have determined if the new particle is a scalar, vector or tensor boson, so I thought it would be intersting, if the...
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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2012 Class Schedules

    Fall 2012: Electrodynamics 2 (Electromagnetic waves and relativity) Analytical mechanics Quantum mechanics 1 Philosophy of Science and ethics for physicsts Rather excited about analytical mechanics and quantum mechanics!
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    Holographic principle and conservation of energy

    Well, my question is, why does it seem like energy is not conserved? Because to me, it looks like, that the energy of the universe must increase in time, because of the increasing entropy of the universe due to the second law of thermodynamics. Therefore energy is not conserved, which...
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    Holographic principle and conservation of energy

    Hi PF! I was wondering, if the holographic principle (from string theory) really can be true. I see some physical flaws in the way it works. Here is why: Suppose that the second law of thermodynamics is true. It states that for any system, the multiplicity of the system must increase, ergo...
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    Hawking Radiation

    The way I originally learned about Hawking radiation was, that it was due to virtual particle pairs being made near the horizon. Then one gets sucked in, while the other escapes... The black hole looses mass, because it lends its energy (thereby mass) for a short amount of time to the particle...
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    Hawking Radiation

    Hi PF I was wondering, if Hawking radiation could have a different source than black-body radiation. I was wondering, if quantum tunneling could be a possible way, for energy to slip out of the grasp of the black holes gravitational attraction and slip through the event horizon. Would this be...
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    Gravity: The explanation for quantum statistical effects?

    Hi PF I was wondering about the problem of quantum gravity, and maybe the reason why we struggle so much with a formulation of quantum gravity is, that spacetime itself is the source to all quantum phenomena. The evidence is, that with the standard model, we describe the quantum phenomena...
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    Weak nuclear force: Charge

    Well.. What then determines if, for example, a nucleus is unstable and makes a beta decay? How does this connect to weak isospin? Does unstable nuclei have larger weak isospin than stable ones, or how does it work? :) Thank for you :D And by the way: It actually makes quite good sense to me...
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    Relation between Verlinde's Entropic gravity and AdS/CFT

    Thank you so much :) It has been a most helpful discussion with you guys, and the clarification has been terrific :) I am sorry for my misunderstanding of the meaning of the papers, because I could not see the connection between the two research areas from the papers.
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    Weak nuclear force: Charge

    Yes, sorry about that. I have been looking around, and found the term "weak isospin". Could that be put on foot with mass, electrical and color charge?
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    Weak nuclear force: Charge

    Hi PF I was wondering today about the origin of the fundamental forces. Now gravity comes from mass (lets call this massive charge), electromagnetism comes from electrical charge and the strong force comes from color charge. These are all kinds of "charges", but what kind of "charge" gives...
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    Rodin coil unique magnetics?

    I have also been looking at Rodin coils lately, and I find it very troubling (fx this talk on TED ), that it could generate a magnetic field, even when the current is turned off. Any one knows anything about rodin coils' electromagnetic properties ?
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    Energy from matter-matter annihilation (relation to Dark Matter)

    But does any other particles have properties that would allow for matter-matter annihilation (supersymmetric, ordinary or hypothesized particles)? Or could they be sort of "stripped" for all properties, so that only the energy would be left, and annihilation then would be possible?