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Could the new particle @ CERN be a massive graviton?

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    Hi PF.

    I was wondering, if the newly observed particle @ CERN, could be a massive tensor boson, like a massive graviton. I have not been able to find out, whether ATLAS or CMS have determined if the new particle is a scalar, vector or tensor boson, so I thought it would be intersting, if the new particle would be a massive graviton.

    Would it be plausible, that the newly discovered boson would be a massive graviton?

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    Spin 2 is not ruled out yet.
    However, massive gravitons would be strange - do you propose gravity with several different gravitons? If there are gravitons, at least one has to be massless to produce the long-ranging effects of gravity we experience.
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    I was listening to their announcement and the evidence seems to point to the boson being scalar. The idea of multiple massed Gravitons is an interesting idea though.
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    It could be a massive scalar partner of a massless tensor graviton. e.g. see papers on Higgs as radion.
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