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    Time in different dimension

    Is ten minute for an observer in different dimension, with the same speed relatively, same for every observer?
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    Discrete Spacetime.

    I agree with your opinion. So how do they travel? Do a matter, in Quantum/Subquantum scale, actually travel through higher dimension?
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    Discrete Spacetime.

    Since spacetime is discrete at the Quantum/Sub-quantum scale, is it possible that something that occupied a discrete spacetime move to the other discrete through straight line?
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    Wave-Particle Duality

    Does this describe wave particle duality correctly? 'Whether observed or not, a matter's wave particle duality still persist. The wave and matter characteristic cannot be isolated: A matter cannot be a wave sometimes and particle the other times. It must be both at anytime. However, when we...
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    Quantitized dimension

    A simple analogy will be the 'paint' aplication in the windows. Let say you draw a square. And you click the option zoom. You will find that the square is consist of many small square. The small square is the smallest unit. I don't know why should(or shouldn"t)2-3 be ture either. This...
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    Quantitized dimension

    Recently I was thinking about these statement: 1. Dimension is as if a 3-D graph, which every coordinate is the smallest unit for dimension. 2. Volume of an object is a whole number multiply the volume of the dimension unit. 3. Distance is a whole number multiply the length of the dimension...
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    Destructive interference of light

    This is what I think: When two photons destructively interfere, the wave amplitude become zero. However, the two photon still exist, and the energy didn't change, as frequency of light is not affected. (energy of light = hf) Someone please correct me if I am wrong. :smile:
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    Observation definition

    Can someone tell me the definition of observation?
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    Wave-Particle Duality

    This is my understanding towards wave particle duality: Matter is neither wave or particle.The matter position can only be determined when we observed the matter. When the matter is not observed, the matter can be in any position, and have a wave function. So, I make the following deduction...
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    Photon s energy

    Photon"s energy When photons trasfer energy to electron, can it transfer only part of its energy and not whole?
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    Does the electron teleport ?

    Does the electron "teleport"? Let say there's an electron gun in the box as if Schrodinger Cat experiment. The electron is in position A. Since electron behave like wave in this box, the electron can be in any position after the box is close. I don't think that the electron will interact with...
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    What is a black hole in 4th dimension looks like?

    If there is a black hole in the 4th dimension, how will it looks like in the observer in 3rd dimension?
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    Teleportation-possible or not?

    Thanks for the information, but what is local conservation laws?
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    What does a researcher do?

    What does a : a) Theoratical Scientist b) Experimental Scientist c) Computer Modeling Scientist do?