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What is a black hole in 4th dimension looks like?

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    If there is a black hole in the 4th dimension, how will it looks like in the observer in 3rd dimension?
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    You can't see a black hole, that's why its called a black hole or dark star. But assuming the black hole has visible accedation disks and high energy particles flying out of it:

    Depends on if the observer or black hole is moving.

    Remember Flatland... Mr. Square watches Lord Sphere move through his dimension, since Mr. Square sees everything 2 dimensionally, he sees Lord Sphere like if you were at the bottom at a pond scum and algae covered lake, and saw a hollow ball fall into it in slow motion. From directly underneath you would see a circle, then it gets bigger and bigger, but Mr. Square was a algae cell. He saw a small circle, that got bigger and bigger, then it hit its equator, and the big circle got smaller and smaller, as Lord Sphere moved silently an swifly through Mr. Square's flat piece-of-paper universe.

    If a 4 dimensional being were to go through our universe, silently and swiftly like Lord Sphere... Dr. Blob would be something like... imagine a 3 dimensional amoeba, growing larger and larger, then smaller and smaller. To add some special effects, maybe make it look like liquid metal, with those little oil rainbow things at the end of its little psuedopods.

    But I don't know what a black hole would look like...

    Hope I explained it well!
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    Yes you can see a black hole indirectly. you can observe the EM-radiation emitted by an object that is falling the frozen star

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    You know what I don't get? Why people look at the fourth dimensions as something you can "enter". Why can we not live in all dimensions? Just the existence of black holes kind of sums it up. I mean, really? If all the matter is confined into that space and goes at first sight NOWHERE, where did it go?
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