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    Freshman in quantum mechanics

    Well, my math advisor said that in his first year of graduate school at Harvard he took a class which had a freshman and a sophomore as the graders for the course. He also said it was somewhat disheartening. I also personally know of a physics undergraduate who took graduate level physics...
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    Moment of inertia of a hollow sphere

    Is it a hollow sphere(a spherical shell) or a solid sphere? Because the answer that you say is supposed to be correct is for a solid sphere, unless I've made some error. They're both pretty similar and I think you're going to get into trouble if you don't use curvilinear coordinates, at least it...
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    Calculus & velocity

    Is the question resolve the x and y components of omega? If so then your answer is not correct, your x component for omega is close, and where did v come from? First of all do you know how to take a determinant of a 3x3 matrix? If you do then the standard way to solve your problem without...
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    GRE Subject Scores

    Perhaps the point of the problem was to factor the difference of two squares, a solution that seems to me should be obvious to anyone proficient in mathematics i.e. perhaps it's testing the fundamentals.
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    Programs After obtaining a degree in math

    It depends on two things really, one is the manner in which you ask the question and the other is the depth of the question. There are many things about elementary topics that you'd never be taught in any class that was required for your undergrad math degree. Math has existed for a long time...
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    A tank of compressed air

    Check your units, can you really use atmospheres with that equation?
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    Programs Whats your major GPA .Be honest

    Well when you learn to read correctly I'll respond more courteously to your reply. Did you read that, ok re-read it; let sink in it's ok if it takes a while. Let me put it in mathematical notation, which might make it clearer (well to anyone who is mathematically inclined, and for some...
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    Programs Whats your major GPA .Be honest

    Actually I'd like to point out something that is quite wrong with your poll. It doesn't include the entire band from 0-4.0 for gpa scores. Where would a score of 2.35 or 3.89 fall? I assume that you meant( as an example I’ll use your second choice) that 2.0-2.3 should actually be 2.0-2.4 meaning...
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    Physics Careers in Quantum Physics

    I believe the field you are really looking for isn't physics or quantum physics, it sounds more like philosophy and a particular branch of it:" [Broken] .
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    Can anyone tell me anything about the INFN-DOE internship?

    Btw, the above isn't proper Italian. Italy should be a great place to stay in but I have no info on the program.
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    Who will be PFs first millionaire

    You forgot an e at the end of millionaire.
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    How hard is each?

    At a certain level any field of study becomes challenging, the trick is to find what you like and what you're good at. However, how in the world am I to relate to you how hard certain majors are compared to each other? This is highly subjective....people think in different ways, and, therefore...
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    Programs PhD in Math

    I believe IAS stands for the Institue for Advanced Study, at Princeton.
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    Bullet question

    Let's take a bullet traveling at a 1000 m/s and weighing about 100g, I don't know much about bullets but I would guess this would be pretty fast. Let's also assume there's no friction and the bullet gets stuck in a man weighing about 70kg. Then the man and bullet after the collision will have a...
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    Which classes should I enroll in?

    You should ask your college advisor. However, I personally like to take what is required first and so after finishing all that is required I can focus on the courses I truly like.