What is A level physics: Definition and 24 Discussions

Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration Into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel is a book by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. Kaku uses discussion of speculative technologies to introduce topics of fundamental physics to the reader. The topic of invisibility becomes a discussion on why the speed of light is slower in water than in vacuum, that electromagnetism is similar to ripples in a pond, and Kaku discusses newly developed composite materials. The topic of Star Trek "phasers" becomes a lesson on how lasers work and how laser-based research is conducted. The cover of his book depicts a TARDIS, a device used in the British science fiction television show Doctor Who to travel in space and time, in its disguise as a police box, continuously passing through a time loop. With each discussion of science fiction technology topics he also "explains the hurdles to realizing these science fiction concepts as reality".

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  1. jackiepollock

    Young's Double-Slit Experiment

    As I searched online an answer suggested that the blurry effect might be a speckle pattern. However, it still hasn't explained the reason why when my body come near the pattern gets blurry.
  2. ChrisXenon

    Is this a horribly ambiguous A Level Physics question?

    Hi, I'm a private tutor who is not a school teacher and has no contact with schools. I have an OCR A level "physics A" student, and we're working through past papers. Time and time again, we've come across questions which are astonishingly ambiguous and answer schemes which are in my view...
  3. ChrisXenon

    UK A level Physics question & Marking scheme question

    This is question 24 from the OCR AS Level Physics A H156/01 Breadth in physics paper from May 24th, 2016. Question: State Newton's second law Marking Scheme answer: "(Resultant) force is (directly) proportional / equal to the rate of change of momentum" Marking scheme guidance notes: NOT force...
  4. VEReade

    Explaining internal energy (A level physics)

    I’m having a mental block re. teaching internal energy. Here’s the issue: For ideal gas, internal energy is entirely kinetic energy. I explain to students this is because there are no interatomic forces of attraction. Now, a solid...internal energy is sum of kinetic energy and potential...
  5. ChrisXenon

    Problems with UK A level Physics Marking Schemes

    Hi Folks, I am a private tutor and one thing I teach is A level Physics (OCR Physics A). Am I the only person who has been sometimes baffled and deeply disappointed with some of the questions/answers? Let me explain what I mean. I see questions form which it's not possible to decide what kind...
  6. A

    Is energy profile of a spring asymmetric with +x and -x?

    Homework Statement [/B] The problem is with part b(ii). This is an A level question so only elementary concepts are to be used. Homework Equations $$E = \frac{1}{2}kx^2 $$ The Attempt at a Solution EPE should be max at 0, 0.4, 0.8 since E is a function of $x^2$. However, mark scheme only...
  7. A

    A level physics doubt about a Diffraction grating

    Homework Statement Monochromatic light of wavelength 690nm passes through a diffraction grating with 300 lines per mm, producing a series of maxima on a screen. What is the greatest number of maximas that can be observed? A) 4 B) 5 C) 8 D) 9 Homework Equations n*wavelength = d*sin x The...
  8. S

    Derivation of an expression for centripetal acceleration

    Homework Statement I have derived the expression for the velocity of the satellite v= root of GM/r however I'm struggling to derive an expression for the centripetal acceleration of a satellite orbiting Earth. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I'm not entirely sure which equations to...
  9. J

    Pulse echo technique to find the distance of the Moon

    Homework Statement [/B] Over 40 years ago, the Apollo astronauts placed reflectors on the surface of the Moon. These are still used by a number of observatories on Earth to monitor the distance to the Moon by reflecting pulses of laser light from them and detecting the reflected signal...
  10. Worthatry

    Freewheeling bicycle and friction

    Background question: A bicycle and rider have a combined mass of 75 kg. They freewheel down a slope whose maximum height is 6 meters above sea level. The slope is 20 meters long. At the end of the slope, the bicycle and rider are traveling with a velocity of 10 m/s. Calculate the work done...
  11. Worthatry

    Can Access to Science Courses Provide a Path to Physics Mastery?

    Hi. I am new to PF and I hope to learn some Physics, and chat to like-minded people. I am currently taking an Access to Science course, which is the equivalent to 3 A Levels - Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Hope to learn from you guys!
  12. Q

    Calculating P for an Aircraft Flying in a Circular Motion

    Homework Statement An aircraft flies with its wings tilted, in order to fly in a horizontal circle of radius r. The aircraft has mass 4.00 x 104 Kg and has a constant speed of 250ms-1 . with the aircraft flying in this way, two forces are acting on the plane, P [lift] and W [weight which is...
  13. O

    Centripetal Force: Weight + Direction Explained

    I can't seem to post pictures, but I will give the link to the question along with the link to the answer given in the mark scheme. Here goes: Question: http://papers.xtremepapers.com/CIE/Cambridge%20International%20A%20and%20AS%20Level/Physics%20(9702)/9702_w07_qp_4.pdf Answer link (mark...
  14. Dr Jon P Harris

    Looking for A Level Physics Tutors in the UK?

    I would like to make contact with others who perform A level physics tutoring in the UK, especially those who are online providers I have tutored AS/A2 students over a period of time and would like to share ideas and information with others doing the same Dr Jon P Harris
  15. J

    A Level Physics: Can I Achieve a Good Grade?

    Unsure on whether I should do an A level in physics as I only got a C at GCSE and only a B in maths, would it be possible to do if I put loads of time and effort in or will it be to difficult to achieve a good grade?
  16. C

    A level Physics without maths - What are my options?

    I applied for my A level courses today and applied for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths (M) However, I did foundation tier mathematics GCSE and I've been told that my application to do Maths A level is at the discretion of the head of the department. I have caught up on the higher tier...
  17. M

    Need help in understanding phase angle/difference in A level physics.

    I understand what a phase angle/difference is, but when it comes to applying them in questions (from past papers) my mind draws a blank. Can anyone here in simple terms, explain how can I draw let's say a phase angle difference 'precisely' of a wave in a graph? Additional details : I am in...
  18. H

    Is A-Level Physics Necessary for Engineering Programs?

    Now you're all mostly physics heads on this forum, so it's important to consider than I understand about 1/75th of what is said on this forum. I love physics, I find it fascinating - but I went to this consultation meeting thing and I was basically told that unless I'm a maths freak I'll...
  19. A

    A Level Physics Help: Questions Answered & Op Amp Study Guide

    I am an A Level Physics students and I have tonnes of questions to ask. So, below are some of them. Hope you will answer them. Please answer the ones you have any idea about even if just a singe question. Hope I will get the answers! The only difference between Kelvin and Celsius is the...
  20. E

    GCSE/ A level Physics teacher?

    Heyup everyone, Ive been looking into retraining as a teacher, GCSE and possibly A level physics is the level I would love to teach at. Ive been told I would be great at this as I really like to get people excited about learning and really try to engage people at whatever level makes them...
  21. T

    A level physics and maths at home

    hey guys, i realize most people are from the US on this site, but I am from Uk and was wondering if its realistic to study a level maths and physics at home on my own whilst working, that is equivalent to whatever u guys in US need to get before entering university. my intention is to get these...
  22. T

    A Level Physics Question regarding energy

    The question I am struggling is number 12 (c)(ii) which starts on page 14, but my part is on 16, the very last question of the paper http://www.hinchingbrookeschool.net/science/documents/2864June2003.pdf I want to calculate the length of a box where n = 3 E_{n} = n^{2}E_{1}...
  23. T

    High energy electrons and hydrogen(protons) A Level Physics Question

    Hi the question I am asking help for can be found here http://www.hinchingbrookeschool.net/science/documents/A_GCE_Physics_B_2864_01_January_2007_Question_Paper.pdf page 13. question 11b and 11c. Page 12 will give you the experiment setup b - Can somehow please explain how that little...
  24. G

    Can I Do a Physics Degree Without A Level Physics?

    In my first year at college I have taken BND IT, BNA Sport in the second year I have taken AS Maths, A2 Maths and Further Maths AS (FP1, M1, M2). With my mind set on a Physics degree and with top grades in all subjects will a degree be possible for me without it being studied at A level? If it...