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  1. ChrisXenon

    Problems with UK A level Physics Marking Schemes

    Hi Folks, I am a private tutor and one thing I teach is A level Physics (OCR Physics A). Am I the only person who has been sometimes baffled and deeply disappointed with some of the questions/answers? Let me explain what I mean. I see questions form which it's not possible to decide what kind...
  2. A

    Is energy profile of a spring asymmetric with +x and -x?

    Homework Statement [/B] The problem is with part b(ii). This is an A level question so only elementary concepts are to be used. Homework Equations $$E = \frac{1}{2}kx^2 $$ The Attempt at a Solution EPE should be max at 0, 0.4, 0.8 since E is a function of $x^2$. However, mark scheme only...
  3. S

    Derivation of an expression for centripetal acceleration

    Homework Statement I have derived the expression for the velocity of the satellite v= root of GM/r however I'm struggling to derive an expression for the centripetal acceleration of a satellite orbiting Earth. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm not entirely sure which equations...
  4. J

    Pulse echo technique to find the distance of the Moon

    Homework Statement [/B] Over 40 years ago, the Apollo astronauts placed reflectors on the surface of the Moon. These are still used by a number of observatories on Earth to monitor the distance to the Moon by reflecting pulses of laser light from them and detecting the reflected signal...
  5. Worthatry

    Freewheeling bicycle and friction

    Background question: A bicycle and rider have a combined mass of 75 kg. They freewheel down a slope whose maximum height is 6 meters above sea level. The slope is 20 meters long. At the end of the slope, the bicycle and rider are travelling with a velocity of 10 m/s. Calculate the work done...
  6. Q

    Circular motion A-Level

    Homework Statement An aircraft flies with its wings tilted, in order to fly in a horizontal circle of radius r. The aircraft has mass 4.00 x 104 Kg and has a constant speed of 250ms-1 . with the aircraft flying in this way, two forces are acting on the plane, P [lift] and W [weight which is...
  7. O

    Centripetal Force

    I can't seem to post pictures, but I will give the link to the question along with the link to the answer given in the mark scheme. Here goes: Question: Answer link (mark...
  8. Dr Jon P Harris

    A level physics tutoring

    I would like to make contact with others who perform A level physics tutoring in the UK, especially those who are online providers I have tutored AS/A2 students over a period of time and would like to share ideas and information with others doing the same Dr Jon P Harris