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  1. D

    The Cardiac Cycle

    I am unsure about the underlined parts of the cardiac cycle. I was taught that the cardiac cycle started when the blood flowed into the atrium, but wouldn't there be a period when both artia and ventricles are at diastole simultaneously? For the second underlined part I was taught and read that...
  2. Asmaa Mohammad

    Rhythmicity of the heart and potassium ion

    Hello, I read that the rhythmicity of the heart increases due to decreasing in the permeability of SA node to K ions. I don't understand this mechanism, could anyone give me a simple explanation? Thanks!
  3. Q

    Wave Generator with Crystal Quartz Oscillator?

    Hi All! A little background info. I'm working with cardiac pacemaking devices with the overall scope of implementing piezoelectric energy harvesters into the devices. I'm in the initial stages of research and development. Okay, so this is my conundrum: I have an output pulse circuit as shown...