What is diversity: Definition and 19 Discussions

In ecology, alpha diversity (α-diversity) is the mean species diversity in a site at a local scale. The term was introduced by R. H. Whittaker together with the terms beta diversity (β-diversity) and gamma diversity (γ-diversity). Whittaker's idea was that the total species diversity in a landscape (gamma diversity) is determined by two different things, the mean species diversity in sites at a more local scale (alpha diversity) and the differentiation among those sites (beta diversity).

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  1. Ahmedbadr132

    Do all bactriophages cross the blood brain barrier?

    Hi Bactriophages can cross the blood brain barrier but do all of them cross? They are very diverse.
  2. jim mcnamara

    Exploring the Protein Diversity of 4n Wheat: A Global View of Pasta-Making

    @Bystander @fresh_42 pasta is normally made from tetraploid wheat ( 4n = 4 sets of chromosomes, humans are diploid with 2 sets. ) Semolina and durum are names you will encounter for 4n wheat cultivars. 6n (hexaploid) wheat is so-called bread wheat or sometimes modern wheat. 4n wheat crops...
  3. jim mcnamara

    DNA barcodes and genetic diversity in humans

    Very short and general precis: Analyzing the 'barcode' gene in mitochondria (big data source) has found that most current animal species have comparatively tiny genetic diversity, humans included. Based on the data, the conclusion is modern human genetic diversity is low, and modern humans as a...
  4. T

    Simultaneity and diversity for water supply infrastructure

    Hello, Is anyone familiar with the French Standard DTU for water supply infrastructure networks. I'm not understanding how to apply the diversity factors and coefficient of simultaneity to calculate the instantaneous maxumum demand and where to apply it. I was thinking of applying the formula...
  5. H

    MHB Dividing students into groups, with a diversity rule

    9 greeks, 17 finns, 7 russians, 11 chinese and 8 swedish students are studying in groups. A group can consist of one or more persons. If a group has two or more persons of the same nationality, it must also have at least one person representing another nationality. The question is: in how many...
  6. X

    Optional Diversity Statement Question

    One of my physics Ph,D application is asking for a optional diversity statement. Do you think describing how I'm pretty religious and how Theists in general are under represented in physics, especially among young people aspiring to be physicists help me or hurt me?
  7. M

    Human lack of genetic diversity

    "Unlike our close genetic relatives - chimps - all humans have virtually identical DNA. In fact, one group of chimps can have more genetic diversity than all of the six billion humans alive today." When humans faced extinction By Dr David Whitehouse 6/9/2003 What are they talking about when...
  8. C

    Diversity gain in Wireless Communications

    What is meant by achieving "full diversity gain over Rayleigh fading channel"?
  9. R

    So much of diversity in universe.

    Hi , I have two doubts about which I am quite confused. It would be great if I can get a decent answer for them. 1.) How many possible number of elements exist in nature discovered by humans , like H,He,Carbon,Silicon,Uranium,Strontium,Thorium,etc... ? -Are there any possibilities for...
  10. B

    How to calculate species abundance and diversity

    Homework Statement This is the sample population taken along a 5m transect: ants:9 grasshoppers:1 pill bugs:4 spiders:1 Homework Equations What formulas would i use to calculate the species abundance and diversity? The Attempt at a Solution I only know this formula H'=-\Sigma...
  11. D

    Does Interbreeding and Domestication Increase or Decrease Genetic Diversity?

    If all the different races or cultures of mankind began to intermingle and reproduce with one another until there was just one homogenous culture or race, would the genetic diversity of the species as a whole have lessened or grown. Would the species as a whole be more robust before or after...
  12. Fra

    Diversity of emergent gravity programs?

    Diversity of "emergent gravity" programs? Does any of you knowledgeable people know of any an reviews of various "emergent gravity" programs? Ie. something that focuses on the different ways to do it. It appears that many emergent gravity programs, inspired by condensed matter physics...
  13. M

    Biology Exploring the Genetics Behind Human Diversity

    I am in AP Biology and we have been given an assignment relating to human genetics. The statement is: "Humans are genetically different; yet genetically similar at the same time." Explain why this statement is true. I have been researching day and night for the past 2 days and although I have...
  14. P

    Diversity Questions for AP Exam

    for Ap exam, not for homework I already figured out most of the questions about the diversity of animal, plants, protsit, prokaryote and fungi. these are the question that I couldn't understand: describe the synthesis and assimilation in animal in general: here this is example to make...
  15. Gokul43201

    Unprecedented Diversity of Marine Bacteria Discovered

    New finds from (aquatic) microbial cataloguing studies show that there's way more kinds of bacterial life in seawater than previously estimated. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/5232928.stm Couldn't easily find the original source. Maybe it's not made it's way out yet? Related article...
  16. S

    Increase Genetic Diversity Through Plant Crossing

    Which is a true statement about genetic diversity? a. Genetic resistance to pests and diseases can be increased by crossing a plant with ancestral varieties b. Genetic engineering technology is used to increase genetic diversity by creating new species with synthetic genes I want to say...
  17. iansmith

    Biological diversity and Taxonomy

    For bacterial species, it is hypothesised that only 1% of the species have been identified. Fewer species have been isolated are culturable. Most bacterial species are not culturable. Also you to include all other unicellular organism which includes, archea, some species of fungi, and protozoan...
  18. N

    On-going studies into the diversity of the human genome

    This thread could equally well be in Biology, but since genetics and hereditability have figured so prominently in the various IQ threads in this sub-forum, I feel it would a good place, and perhaps a useful resource. L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi, and Alberto Piazza published the...
  19. Monique

    Embracing Cultural Diversity: A Celebration of Global Connections

    I would like to know if there are people here who enjoy other cultures as much as me.. I have personally known people directly from the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Canada, Zimbabwe, South-Africa, Finland, Japan, China, South-Korea, India, Romania, Australia, Taiwan, Germany...