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So much of diversity in universe.

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    Hi ,
    I have two doubts about which I am quite confused. It would be great if I can get a decent answer for them.

    1.) How many possible number of elements exist in nature discovered by humans , like H,He,Carbon,Silicon,Uranium,Strontium,Thorium,etc... ?

    -Are there any possibilities for an increase in the figure.
    -If no , then why ?

    2.) Majority of theories related to "Birth Of Universe" , assume that at time t=0; everything was uniform or there was nothing. Some say singularity.

    Considering this assumption , I have a question in mind.

    ---Why there at so many different varities of objects/elements present in universe despite of the fact that all of it started from something uniform. ??

    ---For evolution/change to occur , we must input changes into the system. If yes , then how one change can lead to billions and trillions of diverse forms.

    I am looking for a decent answer or link , which can help me eliminate my confusion.
    I would be glad if someone can help clear my misconceptions.

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    For 1. 88 elements exist in nature on earth (43, 61, 85, 87 have been created in the lab). I am not sure what you mean by discovered. They all were at some time or other first identified.

    For 2. Try looking up things on Wikipedia - there is too much to give a simple answer.
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    Just FYI, it is not necessary to SCREAM by using large bold type. Your question would be quite readable in normal type.
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    the lightest elements come from nucleosynthesis....hydrogen, helium,etc [look it up in Wikipedia for details] then stars produce elements up to iron [stellar nucleosythesis, via thermonuclear reactions] ...then supernovas the elements heavier than iron...

    But WHY elements form in exactly that way, that is, why elementary particles have the exact characteristics they do, no one really knows....We have no theory, for example, that explains the observed mass and observed charge strength of an electron.
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    Thanks Naty1 , Suraj88 and Mathman for your answers.

    I am going to read about NucleoSynthesis in more details , t'was very helpful and relevent answer.
    Thanks again.
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