What is Eee: Definition and 12 Discussions

Asus Eee is a family of products by AsusTek Computer Inc. The product family began with the release of the Eee PC subnotebook in 2007; since then, the product family has diversified into a number of PC form factors. According to the company, the name Eee derives from "the three Es," an abbreviation of its advertising slogan for the device: "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play".

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  1. M

    Engineering Why Does a DC Generator's Efficiency Change with Power Ratios?

    Summary:: Hello Got the following plot (please see below), and am trying to figure out the phenomena behind it (plot behaviour) What do you guys think? It's a DC Generator to be calibrated. On the x axis: the ratio between the power of the generator / nominal power of the generator, while on...
  2. 7see

    Why we used capacitor in the fan ?

    One of my classmate asked me a question that Why we used capacitor in the fan ? I gave her the answer but she said the answer in not fully appropriate ! Any one give me proper explanation of this question ?
  3. O

    Physics and Engineering Undergraduate workload.

    Can anyone give a comparison of the workload's in terms of hours your likely to have as a Physics undergrad compared to an Engineering (EEE specifically) one? (UK university's incase it's country dependent) I'm trying to decide which course to take and although I'm more interested in Physics...
  4. N

    What are some tips for finding a job after completing a B.tech in EEE?

    I completed my B.tech(EEE) in 2013.I prepared for GATE in 2014,but i didn't get good score.later,i learned java.i tried for jobs through java.but i am not getting any offers,because they experienced candidates.now i am learning autocad in online.finally i want to do job.now i am not...
  5. R

    Should I work with a renowned Physics prof Being an EEE?

    Hello, I am currently a EEE junior year student in an International University. I am looking to shift fields to a more Physics oriented field in my Masters/Phd, something along the lines of Plasma Physics/ Optics/ Accelerator Physics etc The thing is I have come across a quite renowned professor...
  6. eee_engin33r

    Who is Sabbir From BUET, Bangladesh?

    My name is Sabbir Ahmed. I have completed by BSc. in EEE from BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) and currently studying my MSc in Biomedical Engineering in University of Dhaka.
  7. E

    Making an Informed Choice: BSc in Engineering: EEE vs CSE

    I am now going to do my BSc in engineering in EEE or CSE... Now my question is what will be best for me... I have a good understanding of basic maths i.e. algebra,calculus,geometry especially combinatorics etc... To tell the truth combi has always been my favourite... But I find Physics to be...
  8. D

    Can you become a software developer with an EEE degee?

    I'm aware that the answer is probably yes but if so would you need to spend a lot of time catching up or is the programming you learn in an EEE degree enough to place with a good stead for a job as a beginner software developer? Would it limit you from certain roles?
  9. S

    How important is Programming in EEE

    Hllo guyz please i want to know or better still get enlighten on the importance of programming in EEE. Cos i have a kid brother who wants to study EEE and wants to know if he would be needing programming. Thanks.
  10. G

    What do you do in Year 1 in EEE?

    Basically, I skipped A levels and went right into Bsc Economics & Finance. I'm graduating this year and am planning to take a second degree in EEE because I don't like my current degree. I choose EEE because I have passion in science and technology, and working in the tech sector is something...
  11. S

    Difference between EEE, BSET, BSEE & EET: Transfer Credits to 4-Year College?

    Could summon please kindly explain the difference's between an EEE an BSET an BSEE and if i get a Associates degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, or EET from a Reputable Technical College can i Transfer that to a 4 year college which recognizes those credits...
  12. V

    Research in Modern Physics After EEE Masters - Imperial College

    Hi I am studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Imperial College and I love physics, however i also like EEE and don't want to change now. Is it possible to do reasearch in Modern Physics after a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering?