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  1. bln1230

    Help me find the electric field vector

    I have these equations in my book, but I don't know how I can use them in this problem Electric field of a plane has surface electric density σ: E = σ/2εε₀ Ostrogradski - Gauss theorem: Φ₀ = integral DdS Can someone help me :((
  2. gumthakka

    I Current and stationary charges

    I've learned that moving charges produce magnetic fields which in turn affect other charges in motion. After seeing explanations that point to special relativity, I am kind of confused. Can **ALL** magnetic fields be accounted as some kind of electric field from a particular reference frame...
  3. J

    Field from two charges

    Homework Statement :- electric field vs position how to plot it[/B] Homework Equations :- force per unit charge[/B] The Attempt at a Solution :- i know option 1 and 2 can never be an answer to this question but still i am confused between 3 and 4 option and help me solve with proper equation[/B]
  4. Manolisjam

    Non-conductve sphere with cavity -- find Electric field

    I have a non conducting sphere with a charge ρ=A/r per uni vollume A is constant. suppose there is a cavity in the centre and within a particle of charge q. i want to find the E inside the sphere in respect with r. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution for radius equal of the cavity i...
  5. C

    Induced EMF in a coil outside a solenoid

    Homework Statement [/B] A conducting coil of radius R is outside a long solenoid with a cross section of radius r. What is the emf induced in the coil? Most example problems of this type I think are solved based on Faraday’s Law. These examples do not use the distance from the solenoid to the...