What is Esr: Definition and 12 Discussions

ESR Technology was formerly the engineering, safety and risk business of AEA Technology, which was formed from the commercial arm of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. It specializes in the provision of technical expertise, products, and services to help customers ensure asset integrity, improve machine reliability, manage safety and risk, and transfer best practice. It has customers across many sectors, including oil and gas, rail, utilities, aviation, and space and defense. It operates three centers of excellence: the National Centre of Tribology, European Space Tribology Laboratory, and the National Non-Destructive Test Centre.
The company's main operations are located at Warrington (Head Office) in England, Milton (Oxfordshire) in England, and Aberdeen in Scotland.

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  1. S

    A Understanding the Limitations of Electron Spin Resonance

    Hello, I have a question regarding the limitations of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR). I've read somewhere that ESR cannot detect radicals with short lifetimes. I'm trying to understand why is that? For example: a highly dynamic system like liquid sulfur at high temperatures, where sulfur...
  2. A

    Choosing a pulse capacitor, ESR vs reactance at frequency

    While going through the catalogues I started to wonder, typically lower ESR caps cost more, but if I need the cap for DC smoothing , to filter out unwanted AC ripple, then I put that cap across my DC rails +-. Now so far so good. It's ability to filter out the AC ripple will be directly related...
  3. C.Braestrup

    Microwave transparent material for ESR/EPR spectrometer

    Hi! Completely forgot about this great forum! I'm designing an electron spin resonance /electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, as an easier vacation from my diy NMR - while still utilizing much of the same setup. Issue is; I have an X-band (~12GHz) waveguide cavity in a magnet, and I...
  4. Salvador

    Capacitors in parallel for lower ESR question

    so I am facing the need for low esr and high ripple current for a smps output filter after rectifier. Would it be better in terms of both ESR and ripple to put say 8x470uF in parallel or 4x1000uF ? Or maybe there wouldn't be a big difference ? Assuming both caps are with a low esr and high...
  5. C

    SR & EWR Buckling Analysis Homework

    Homework Statement The question is what's the relationship between SR and EWR and if the column will fail by buckling or crushing. I know my last statement in the link below is miles out. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/column-buckling-answer-confirmation.564927/page-3#post-5244310...
  6. maverick_starstrider

    What does the g-factor, from say ESR, tell you?

    From ESR data you can extract the g-factor and "effective" magnetic field. Let's say I get this g-factor from ESR, what does it tell me? i.e. "if the g-factor is X then Y is happening in the system". What specific information can I get from knowing this factor? What causes it to differ from...
  7. W

    Triplet ESR in aromatic molecules

    Hi there, I am a little confused with triplets in magnetic filed and ESR measurements on them. Triplet levels in aromatic molecules are indexed Tx, Ty and Tz and if magnetic field is applied they start to mix. If magnetic filed is along the x direction of the crystal, then Tx level remains...
  8. K

    ESR Spectroscopy: Hydrogen vs. Deuterium G-factor

    Hi. I did an esr-experiment, analyzing hydrogen and deuterium. I am wondering: Why do the atoms not have the same g-factor?
  9. G

    Paralleling capacitors effect on total esr reduction.

    Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this post. I am trying to decide component values for 2 parallel capacitors, in an effort to reduce esr, which will be for use as power supply smoothing capacitors to be placed after the bridge rectifier. After examination i noticed that consumer...
  10. S

    Switching losses ESR and transient response

    I need someone to tell me if what I am saying is true or BS? Switching Frequency: Is simply defined as the frequency (amount of times) the same operation occurs, in our case the amount of times per second each phase is switched on. Duty Cycle: is thought of as the time the object is on...
  11. J

    Drastically decreasing capacitor ESR

    Hey all, I'm and Aerospace undergrad at Cal Poly working on my senior project, which has turned out to be more of a EE project than anything else. Anyways, I'm building a capacitor bank for the firing of an electromagnetic rail gun. I'm attempting to make a PFN (pulse forming network)...
  12. J

    ESR Seminar Prep: Introduction to Electron Spin Resonance

    hello iam sorry if my question is not in its area , but i didnt found right area. i have siminar about electron spin resonance (ESR or EPR) , but i don't know to start ? because its first time i do it , my teacher told me to write about spin first and some introduction but i don't know...