What is Impact energy: Definition and 14 Discussions

In materials science and metallurgy, toughness is the ability of a material to absorb energy and plastically deform without fracturing. One definition of material toughness is the amount of energy per unit volume that a material can absorb before rupturing. This measure of toughness is different from that used for fracture toughness, which describes load bearing capabilities of materials with flaws. It is also defined as a material's resistance to fracture when stressed.
Toughness requires a balance of strength and ductility.

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  1. J

    What challenges arise when developing a .490 caliber impact munitions weapon?

    My name is John Hayes, I am the owner/inventor of the Hayes Less Lethal hand held, .490 caliber, impact munitions weapon (hayeslesslethal.com). I have been working hard at this project for 10 years, have 5 issued patents 4 US, and 1 Foreign. I have no Physics background but, for obvious reasons...
  2. C

    Impact Energy Absorbed by a Material

    Problem I am designing a force sensing system with piezoelectric force sensors to determine the impact force on an object during a collision. The sensor will be placed between an aluminum block and either a TPU or PLA 3D printed "cover". The cover will be 5cm thick...
  3. D

    Calculating Impact Force of a 5 lb Sledgehammer

    I am trying to determine the impact force of a 5 lb metal sledge hammer with a 36" handle swung as hard as possible impacting a solid hardened metal anvil or determine the speed the average male can swing a sledgehammer.
  4. R

    Low impact energy, high impact toughness - comparisons

    Hi, I have been doing some research about imapact toughness of steel and found a paper comparing toughnesses of 4 different steels using the Charpy impact test. The following is a link to the paper mentioned. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B363OnUPK7-deGJDdkhwVU9SQ2s/view?usp=sharing At...
  5. P

    A How much energy dissipated in a nail gun?

    Hi all, I'm having trouble working out how much energy will have to be dissipated in a test rig for a nail gun. From previous testing, I know that a test slug fired from the gun has a mean energy of 100J. I now want to design a test rig which can fire the gun repeatedly for 100,000 shots. I...
  6. D

    How to calculate the impact energy of a door hitting a door

    Could someone help me with this problem? I have a scenario where a glass door is being caught by the wind and slamming against a door stop and shattering. I would like to work out the impact energy of the door hitting the stop, and if possible an equivalent static force. The door is 1.5m...
  7. V

    Calculating Impact Energy for Beginners

    I need to work out the impact energy for three different drop heights. I am really struggling to get my head around it. Am i on the right lines with this? mgh = (1/2) mv2 Please excuse my basic knowledge, I left school 21 years ago with a D in maths, but I am now trying to improve my maths...
  8. R

    Designing using Impact Energy of Plastics

    Hi, I am attempting to design a plastic scrap grinder. To begin my calculations I need to know the force needed to shear a certain area of plastic. After noticing that by using the shear stress equation would result in a huge, unrealistic force, it came to my mind that the plastic will be cut by...
  9. P

    Plausible Impact Energy of a Small Meteroid?

    Could someone please give me a plausible impact energy of a very small (maybe .1 or .2 meters diameter) meteoroid hitting the earth. This does not need to be exact at all. I just would like an extremely rough estimate of a possible energy of impact. For example, larger meteoroids (i.e, 7-8...
  10. T

    Velocity & Impact Energy Calculation for pipework failure calc.

    Homework Statement A pipe end stop fails when subjected to high pressure and flys of the pipe before impacting with a polycarbonate protective screen. The end stop has a mass of 100g and is 12.7mm dia. as is the internal diameter of the pipe. The instantaneous pressure that the end stop fails...
  11. A

    Calculating Impact Energy: 1km Asteroid at 20km/s = X Megatons of TNT

    1. An asteroid of 1.0 km diameter will make a crater of about 10 km diameter. How much kinetic energy does the asteroid have if it strikes the surface at about 20km/s. Convert answers to megatons of TNT; 1 megaton = 4 X 10^15 Joules. 2. I do not understand how there is enough...
  12. marcus

    New catalyst may impact energy storage (MIT, electrolysis)

    this EurekAlert page links to a MIT press release describing the operation of the new catalyst and potential applications http://search.eurekalert.org/e3/query.html?qt=Nocera&col=ev3rel&qc=ev3rel&x=12&y=16 Dan Nocera is the main person responsible. Here's a ScienceDaily account...
  13. K

    Calculating Impact Energy of 7 Kg Dropped from 2 Meters

    Hi, Supose I drop a body of 7 Kg from a height of 2 meters. Is the impact energy equal to: E = m * g * h = 7 * 9.81 * 2 = 137,34 Joules ? And if it is, is the kinetic energy equal to this ammount? Kind regards, Kepler
  14. Z

    Calculating Impact Energy for Non-90° Angles

    A quick look through the FAQ and search didn't reveal anything so... I know that K.e. = ½MV², however I am looking to find the energy of an impact when φ != 90°. Or to the more specific problem, if I have a Spaceship shaped like a needle moving through space at .9c(Vnet) and a micrometor hits...