What is Implosion: Definition and 13 Discussions

The Folk Implosion was an American band founded in the early 1990s by Lou Barlow and John Davis. It was initially a side-project started by Barlow to explore different territory than that being canvassed with his primary band at the time, Sebadoh. The name is a play on the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The band has not been active since 2004.

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  1. Lieutenant Barclay

    Titan implosion: underwater shockwave?

    Like many I’ve been captivated by the Titan story. I’m wondering a few things: 1. Was a shock wave cause by the implosion? 2. Would marine life have been killed similarly to “fishing w/ dynamite”? Kill radius? 3. A TV talking head claimed the inside of the vessel would have heated to “a temp...
  2. Nauticale

    Force from Water Entering a Pressurized Tank with No Relief Valve

    Hello all, I am trying to understand how a force at the opposite wall from water entering a pressurized air (atmospheric pressure) tank, and for this discussion it is rigid, with no relief valve to displace the compressed air can be deduced. I have created a simple illustration and believe this...
  3. Nauticale

    New Member Interested in Water Compressing Air

    I am interested in conceptualizing the impact force of water against submerged objects that contain atmospheric air. The scenario is a bit much for me to conceptualize alone, so I joined PF to ask the experts in this community. Thanks!
  4. S

    Artificial Gravity Technology: Creating an Implosion Effect

    I ran across an earlier thread, no longer open for comment, regarding the science fictional 'implosion grenade' & what might produce a similar effect. One theoretical technology might have a possibility of producing such an effect, at least to some extent. It could be an outgrowth of the...
  5. R

    I Simple suction air filter: items and preventing implosion

    I want to make a simple air filter(for dust and air pollution) but was a bit confused about some stuff. Basically I've decided to use an exhaust fan to create a vacuum in a sealed box and the air to come in through the filters. Box fans aren't available here, so that can't be used. I want to...
  6. J

    Implosion grenades: do they exist?

    So I was reading some books with implosion grenades in them, and was wondering if they were theoretically possible. Here are a few things I came up with from research and my own brain, the ones from my own brain may be garbage, and if so please let me know. So apparently a light bulb is...
  7. M

    Creating artificial ultradense objects by ablation implosion?

    An interesting mindgame, I hope. I'm wondering if it could be possible to build a "machine" for creating even higher densities than that of a smaller star. For example one could take a 491 m radius massive iron globe. It doesn't matter how to build it. You could surround it with a sphere...
  8. Y

    Universe's full cycle: explosion - implosion

    While Universe now continue to expand due to the last BB, there is growing vacuum in the midst of it which with time will reach such tremendous value that the expansion will be stopped and the reverse process will start ?
  9. M

    Implosion Engine - What is it?

    what is an implosion engine?
  10. H

    Thought experiment: Implosion reaction

    I have question. If we take an ordernary nuclear bomb and inject anti-matter into the core, and find a way to isolate the matter/antimatter reaction from the rest of detonation. Would it be possible to use force of the nuclear bomb to generate a black hole and thereby vaporize an entire...
  11. marcus

    Are American Theoretical Physicists Losing Touch with Reality?

    This is a bit from the October 2007 issue of Physics Today---a letter from J C Philips, condensed-matter physicist at Rutgers University, with an interesting new take on the relation of the American physics establishment to reality. New to me at least...
  12. I

    How about Can ultrasonic waves create extreme temperatures inside gas bubbles?

    Question? What would the equation formula be for a Bubble collapsing at the speed of light? I was thinking about Light speed Bubble implosions and had to ask. Do you think this might have merit in any way for Super Fusion techniques? I have an idea of a special Hollow/Spherical Super...
  13. Loren Booda

    Big Bang Implosion: The Symmetry of Cosmic Expansion and Collapse

    Where there is explosion, there is usually a concomitant implosion. If the Planck length, L*, demarks an original radius for the cosmos, a collapse therefrom, symmetrical to the big bang expansion of spacetime occurs with the conservation of momentum. This "Big Crush" is omnipresent...