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Thought experiment: Implosion reaction

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    I have question.

    If we take an ordernary nuclear bomb and inject anti-matter into the core, and find a way to isolate the matter/antimatter reaction from the rest of detonation.

    Would it be possible to use force of the nuclear bomb to generate a blackhole and thereby vaporize an entire area (without nuclear fallout being present afterwards)?

    In order to isolate the matter/antimatter reaction could this be done by some sort of gride? Maybe of hydrogen is that powefull enough?

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    NO! Any anti-matter (~ GeV), fission (~ 200 MeV) or fusion (0.1- ~22 MeV) reaction has an extraordinary low energy level compared to something like a blackhole. There have been repeated concerns about the formation of blackholes in conjunction with TeV events proposed in the LHC. That isn't going to happen.

    Furthermore, one cannot isolate a matter/anti-matter reaction in the core of nuclear weapon, fission or fusion.

    I'm locking the thread because this is highly speculative. Furthermore, if an entire area is vaporized - why would one be concerned about fallout? Neutron irradiation is a by-product of nuclear fission and D+T (50% of D+D) fusion. Even if fallout was minimized, one still has activated ground from the neutron irradiation.
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