What is Magnetosphere: Definition and 18 Discussions

In astronomy and planetary science, a magnetosphere is a region of space surrounding an astronomical object in which charged particles are affected by that object's magnetic field. It is created by a star or planet with an active interior dynamo.
In the space environment close to a planetary body, the magnetic field resembles a magnetic dipole. Farther out, field lines can be significantly distorted by the flow of electrically conducting plasma, as emitted from the Sun (i.e., the solar wind) or a nearby star. Planets having active magnetospheres, like the Earth, are capable of mitigating or blocking the effects of solar radiation or cosmic radiation, that also protects all living organisms from potentially detrimental and dangerous consequences. This is studied under the specialized scientific subjects of plasma physics, space physics and aeronomy.

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  1. ergospherical

    How does pressure balance work in the magnetosphere?

    I'm not sure how to set up the pressure balance at the magnetosphere? Maybe some energy equation relating ##\frac{1}{2} \dot{M} v^2 \sim## magnetic energy density?
  2. Nonametheone

    Mini magnetosphere within Earth's Magnetosphere

    Summary: Can such magnetosphere exist on Earth? The moon has mini magnetospheres produced from its crust shown below. Can Earth have similar magnetic properties in its crust like the surface on the Moon to create a mini-magnetosphere? Are ther places on Earth where a mini magnetosphere exist...
  3. V

    I Mars Magnetosphere: New Research on Solar Wind Induced Shielding

    According to recent research news, swedish PhD scholars have said that solar wind induces currents in the ionosphere of mars. This causes an induced magnetoshere which in turn protects the atmosphere from the same wind. This is quite difficult to believe. It is well known that Mars does not...
  4. Solomei

    Why do Aurora colors in a bottle resemble Aurora Australis?

    I would say that this looks more like Aurora Australis. What is the reason for these changing colors? https://www.space.com/22594-aurora-bottle-northern-lights-show.html
  5. R

    B Do all auroras occur in circles?

    Do the formation of auroras always occur in circles/ovals/ellipses?? What causes the shape of their formation?
  6. IbogaMoon

    A April 23rd Magnetosphere Anomaly

    4/23/2016 = 5:37:05 How do you explain this? Instrument Failure? Pole Reversal? Source: http://iswa.ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov/IswaSystemWebApp/index.jsp?i_1=581&l_1=568&t_1=77&w_1=501.333&h_1=334.333&s_1=2016-04-23 09:27:51.0_1_300_3&i_2=578&l_2=17&t_2=159&w_2=543.333&h_2=507.333&s_2=2016-04-23...
  7. AotrsCommander

    Magnetosphere and space dust problems

    (I am of two minds about posting this here or in the main satrophytsics forum, but I think it's probably better to go here.) So, I have a tide-locked planet at approximately 104AU out around a clone of R Coronae Borealis, with has a carefully designed , bright shiny silvery moon (small and...
  8. GreenAce92

    Possible to extract energy from magnetosphere?

    I just had this idea/vision of panels being placed in front of the sun, then the energy collected is beamed to a receiver/transmitter orbiting Earth. I suppose with an energy 'Magnitude' of the sun, a little bit of 'loss' due to Earth's atmosphere is not a big deal but... I wondered what if you...
  9. C

    Mass of particules in the magnetosphere

    Homework Statement Hello, The problem is quite simple. Estimate the mass of particules that contains the Earth's magnetosphere up to a distance of 100 times Earth's radius (In the shadow cone of earth) and also up to the break point or stopping point of the side of the sun.The solar...
  10. A

    Unraveling the Mystery of Magnetosphere: How Does it Occur?

    how does this phenomenon occur.?this a case of magnetosphere..I don't understand how this happens.
  11. D

    Earth's magnetosphere historical data

    Hi, Earlier this month, I was searching for trends/graphs on solar activity. I found some good sites which I cannot post due to me being a forum noob ;-) Now, I am looking for the equivalent except this time, in relation to earth's magnetosphere levels (strength) Does this exist ? Thanks, Danny
  12. N

    If the magnetosphere of Earth disappeared

    Would this noticeably increase the radiation level on Earth? Or would the atmosphere easily stop the excess solar-wind particles which are now not being deflected away?
  13. D

    Galactic Magnetosphere: Size, Winds & Earth's Impact

    what is the size of a galaxies magnetosphere? Is it's size or have any relation to the size of he black hole/blackholes? or to the mass at the center of the galaxy? Is there any kind of intergalactic wind (Like the solar wind) that interacts with a galaxies magnetosphere like our...
  14. R

    Harnessing Earth's Power Through Magnetosphere?

    Is it possible to tap into the Magnetosphere to generate power? I mean the core of the Earth is in fact a giant generator, so why can't (or aren't) we exploiting this potential?
  15. Z

    Could Oxygen and Photosynthesis Lead to Intelligent Life on Other Planets?

    If one surveys stars, and their planetary systems, of 4.5 - 5 Byrs old; and then detects terrestrial exoplanet of say 1.5 Earth masses, then one probably still has a magnetosphere - if we are typical (Copernian Principle). And if in habitat zone, then also look for oxygen signature in...
  16. J

    H.A.A.R.P. and earths magnetosphere

    For those who don't know what H.A.A.R.P. is, here is a description of some of it's capabilities. "United States Patent 4,686,605 Eastlund August 11, 1987 Method and apparatus for altering a region in the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere ... "Weather modification is...
  17. W

    Can gas giants like Jupiter become stars and create a binary solar system?

    Hi, I don't have a solid background in astrophysics. I need some help. Jupiter's magnetosphere is elongated by the Sun. It almost reaches the orbit of Saturn. What would happen if, by increased solar output, the magnetospheres touched? Recently we had a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn...
  18. S

    How do solar wind particles get trapped in a planet's magnetosphere?

    How do solar wind particles get trapped in a planet's magnetosphere? The particles travel along the Sun's magnetic field lines, right? And then they switch to traveling along the planet's field lines? How? When they get trapped, are they still supersonic? Is it correct to say that...