What is Nuclear medicine: Definition and 14 Discussions

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Nuclear medicine imaging, in a sense, is "radiology done inside out" or "endoradiology" because it records radiation emitting from within the body rather than radiation that is generated by external sources like X-rays. In addition, nuclear medicine scans differ from radiology, as the emphasis is not on imaging anatomy, but on the function. For such reason, it is called a physiological imaging modality. Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET) scans are the two most common imaging modalities in nuclear medicine.

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  1. emilmammadzada

    Radionuclides used in nuclear medicine

    From which site and article can I find a table or information about alpha emitting radionuclides used in nuclear medicine?
  2. I

    Programs Medical Physics Internship Program for Students

    Currently I've enrolled in the master program of medical physics, particularly I'm interested in the field of nuclear medicine. Does anybody have the information about an internship or a short international school program for student of medical physics, especially for master student ? Thanks...
  3. D

    Mutiple choice nuclear medicine question

    Homework Statement Why does PET scanner use positron emitters? 1-positrons have more penetrating power than electrons 2-positron emitting isotopes are cheap and widely available 3-the location of emission can be located better because a pair of gamma rays get emitted from the body...
  4. VBadiu

    Engineering Biomedical Engineering vs. Nuclear Applications?

    First of all, this is my first post here, so hello everyone! Great to be a part of this online community! Secondly, to get to the point of the thread, I have recently applied and have been accepted to two master's programs in Germany, specifically Biomedical Engineering and Nuclear Applications...
  5. Y

    Should I pursue medical physics?

    Hello, new to the forum. I am currently in high school taking a full load of college classes through dual enrollment. I will graduate high school with an Associates of Science degree. I really enjoy math. It has always been my favorite subject. At the moment I am in Calculus 1 and it isn't so...
  6. M

    QC of Well Counters and Uptake Probes?

    Which part should i refer to tecdoc 602 when it comes to the QC of uptake probes and well counters?
  7. L

    Decided on Nuclear Medicine. Physics perspective needed

    My real passion lies in nuclear medicine, which of course, contains physics albeit NOT straight physics in the sense of physics COURSES on offer - the degree offers ONE straight physics course in first year. The problem is, I was a high school drop out, have never learned physics, and only...
  8. R

    Nuclear Medicine Career: Is It Worth Pursuing?

    Hello I have a 2 more years planning ahead before I choose my major, however I like to plan ahead so I've come up with some questions. I've been considering studying nuclear engineering as my major degree when the time has come, and I wonder how the career opportunity is for working with...
  9. L

    Exploring Nuclear Medicine & Physics: A Directed Study

    Hi, I am a nuclear medicine major. Recently changed from nursing. This semester I am taking college physics I and in order to remain a full time student I took on a directed study in which you research a topic/solve problems and write a paper on the matter. I was told I should do it on...
  10. A

    Physics Details on Nuclear Physics and/or Nuclear Medicine?

    Hey, I'm a High School Student currently in grade eleven and though I've already posted about an idea of moving into Astrophysics, I've also been thinking about the possibility of nuclear medicine or nuclear physics. I do enjoy physics, chemistry and mathematics. As stated in the previous topic...
  11. N

    Nuclear medicine, total energy, dose in rem

    I can't seem to get this started in the right direction. Any help is appreciated. As part of a treatment program, a patient ingests a radioactive pharmaceutical containing P32,15, which emits beta rays with an of 1.50. The half-life of is 14.28 , and the initial activity of the medication is...
  12. D

    Medical Understanding Nuclear Medicine: Benefits & Uses

    I have heard this title bandied around now for awhile, and I'm still not quite sure what it means? Would this be designing/building/maintaining 'nuclear' machines such as MRI/CT machines, or would this be radiation based treatments for diseases, or would this be (insert job description here)?
  13. G

    Nuclear Medicine Technology: Preparing for Med School?

    What is nuclear medicine technology? Is it good preparation for med school?
  14. M

    Navigating Nuclear Medicine Research: Where to Start?

    Hey everybody. I am interviewing for a internship at a neuclear medicine company and was wondering if anyone had any good links to current research in the field, or what the name of the main journal is.