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Physics Details on Nuclear Physics and/or Nuclear Medicine?

  1. Nov 9, 2011 #1
    Hey, I'm a High School Student currently in grade eleven and though I've already posted about an idea of moving into Astrophysics, I've also been thinking about the possibility of nuclear medicine or nuclear physics. I do enjoy physics, chemistry and mathematics. As stated in the previous topic I made. (I thought the two might need separate topics, if they didn't I apologize for taking space!)

    Like most my career ideas, I'm not very sure about if I'm taking the best courses, or what courses I might want to take and still don't know what University courses I should do besides a Bachelor of Science. Basically, I want more information on both these jobs and the courses required/recommended.

    The courses that I'm taking right now that might be of relevance to this post are Math 20C-AP, Physics 20-AP, Chem 20-AP and Bio 20/30-AP.

    If anyone could give me information on any of the following, that would be amazing! Thanks to all in advance, I really do appreciate everything I get.
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  3. Nov 10, 2011 #2
    There's a large assortment of jobs in nuclear medicine, from physician to nuclear pharmacist to health physicist to CNMT. There is also the other side of the coin, with medical physics or radiologist. As for classes to take, you'll want a solid grounding in math, basic physics, chemistry, and in some cases biology (especially for the medical professionals).
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