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Programs Medical Physics Internship Program for Students

  1. Mar 31, 2017 #1
    Currently I've enrolled in the master program of medical physics, particularly i'm interested in the field of nuclear medicine. Does anybody have the information about an internship or a short international school program for student of medical physics, especially for master student ?

    Thanks for your information.
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    If you're in a medical physics MSc program, you should ask your instructors if there are any opportunities available for QA work at your affiliated hospital/cancer centre, if this is not already part of your academic program.

    After you complete you're degree, you're likely going to be looking for a formal residency program rather than any kind of internship, although there aren't too many nuclear medicine-specific residency programs to my knowledge. I assume that you've already searched through the CAMPEP-residency programs? I know that University of Alberta has one with really great instructors.
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