space craft

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    I Fission source as "rocket"

    Looking at a humble smoke detector - a metal plate with some alpha source on one side. I guess the fission products / apha etc emitted in one direction are absorbed into the metal, and the opposite direction go into space. So there should be a minute net force ? Would that be useful as a "sail"...
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    Limits to accelerate a spacecraft by spinning it in a circle

    The basic concept is to have your space probe(s) - likely nanocraft [1] on a spinning object in space which allows you to preserve the momentum you give it while accelerating it faster. Then once you are at a speed you can simply release the nanocraft in the direction you want it to go in. More...
  3. caters

    Artificial gravity on a ship without the whole ship rotating

    I know that rotation can cause there to be artificial gravity. But I was thinking of making a floor plan that is all horizontal with the generation ship having a rocket shape and with it being longer than it is wide and wider than it is tall. So I was thinking of giant centrifuges on every...
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    Resultant Force and Acceleration of Space craft

    1. Homework Statement The thrust generated by a rocket engine is equal to the mass of propellant burnt each second multiplied by the exhaust velocity of the gas. The Space Shuttle (with booster rockets and...