What is Strenght of materials: Definition and 11 Discussions

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  1. luciriv

    Engineering Solving Stresses in Beams: Reactions at B & F

    To determine the reactions at B and F, I don't know how to handle that L-shaped beam connected to the horizontal beam. My attempt is: $$\sum F_{y} \colon\;\;\; -200 + R_{B} - 75 + 32 + R_{F} - 1632 = 0$$ from which it follows that ##R_{B} + R_{F} = 1875##. $$\sum M_{B} \colon\;\;\; -5 \times...
  2. person123

    Energetic Size Effect for Tensile Loading

    For quasi-brittle materials, there is an energetic size effect as well as a statistical size effect, as described here. However, it seems to require a stress gradient for it to play a role, as in the example given with a 3-point bending test. The stress at the middle of the fracture process...
  3. Phi_lip

    Construction Making a gong stand - will aluminium tubing be strong enough?

    Hello everybody, I am planning to make a gong stand using tube clamps and aluminium tubing, but I am unsure whether the tubing will be strong enough. I like the idea of using aluminium, to aid with portability of the stand. As the stand will be used to play the gong itself, which will move back...
  4. S

    Strength of materials -- Normal stresses and Shear stresses

    Homework Statement https://ibb.co/imui5b[/B] hey i need to calculate max normal stress at BC and max shear stress at b and c is my torque equation right? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution so i thought Σma=0 Cx*6+80*6+80*2=0 i ll find cx and then ΣFx=0 and ΣFy=0
  5. mkematt96

    Dynamic Shear Force on a Brake Pad

    I'm looking for a way to calculate the shear force applied to a brake pad from stopping ( a small engine brake pad stopping a fly wheel). I know shear stress is shear stress/ area , would this apply for a dynamic application as well? Would I need to calculate the force to stop the flywheel at a...
  6. ramzerimar

    Strength of materials vs Theory of Elasticity

    In mechanical engineering we have various courses in strenght of materials, and I've noticed that graduate students learn the Theory of Elasticity. I've researched a little bit about it, and I know that the Theory of Elasticity is more general than strenght of materials. But I have some doubts...
  7. ramzerimar

    Torsion in Shafts: Conceptual Doubt Explained

    I have some conceptual doubts about shafts subjected to torsion. When studying Strenght of Materials, to find stress and strain in power transmission shafts, we consider that one of the ends of the shaft is fixed, with all degrees of freedom restricted, and the other one is receiving torque. I'm...
  8. M

    Problem nº1 from Strenght of Materials by J.P. Den Hartog (1949)

    Homework Statement A propeller shaft in the largest and most powerful ships transmits about 50,000 hp. Assume that the propeller transforms this power into a forward push on the ship with an efficiency of 70 per cent and that the ship's speed then is 30 knots (1 knot is 6,080 ft/hr). The...
  9. R

    Book on Strenght of materials

    Which book would you recommend for Strenght of Materials for mechanincal engineering student. Please don't tell me book on the basis of problem sets. I have my book which contains numerous problems but I want a book which explains the concept form very basic to deep. BTW how is the book by...
  10. D

    Torsion problem for strenght of materials help

    Homework Statement Homework Equations tao=Tc/J theta=TL/JG The Attempt at a Solution I got the torque of the motor as 210,085lb-in Then I converted the 4* to .698 rad From there I plugged it into the equations. I solved for T from tao=Tc/J then plugged that T into the...
  11. Cyrus

    History of Strenght of Materials by Timoshenko

    "History of Strenght of Materials" by Timoshenko I just bought "History of Strenght of Materials" by Timoshenko = = GOD. Anyone else read it? As an ME, I want to read all the books on the history of ME, so that I know as much about my profession as possible. I really am starting to like...