What is timoshenko: Definition and 12 Discussions

Tymoshenko (Ukrainian: Тимошенко, romanized: Tymošenko) or Timoshenko (Russian: Тимошенко) is a surname of Ukrainian origin. It derives from the Christian name Timothy, and its Ukrainian derivatives, Tymofiy or Tymish. The surname, Tymoshenko, was created by adding the Ukrainian patronymic suffix, -enko, meaning someone of Tymish, usually the son of Tymish.

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  1. newbie1127

    Engineering Moments problem -- One point load is given on a table

    I have tried solving this by splitting the load into two parallel coplaner loads as the Hint below the question suggests but while i was computing the values i realized that, i'll have 4 variables with only 3 equations. two forces and the two distances to forces from their respective axes. i've...
  2. newbie1127

    Engineering Elongation of a bar problem | Timoshenko

    hi everyone, In a problem where we have to find the change in length of a steel bar and a wooden beam, while calculating the change in length the author multiplied the entire thing by 12 I put all the values in the above equation and still couldn't account for the 12. Thinking of it...
  3. Srinath

    Timoshenko Beam Theory (Violin String Shape Functions)

    Homework Statement:: Violin String Shape Functions Homework Equations:: Violin String Shape Functions Hello, Is anyone working on violin string shape functions(Timoshenko Beam Theory)? It would be really helpful to my research if we share our knowledge on this topic. Thank you
  4. A

    Timoshenko, Strength of materials example solution

    Hi everyone, I am new here, so please be kind if I make mistakes on this forum, I will try to learn fast. I need help in explaining the solution of one of the examples from Timoshenko's Strength of Materials book. The solution is provided in the book, but I did not get it, no matter at which...
  5. N

    Timoshenko Beam Problem: Fixed Cantilever Displacement Formulas for UDL Load

    Hi. Does anyone have the x and y displacement formulas for a fixed cantilever beam of a given depth and length, under a UDL (uniform distributed load)? I can't find them anywhere!
  6. B

    Timoshenko - Euler Bernoulli In Plane Curved Beams

    Folks, Searches of Timoshenko and Euler Bernoulli Beam Theory show differential equations for straight beams. Is there any material out there illustrating differential equations for "curved in plane beams"..? Thanks
  7. B

    Where is the Geometry Defined in the EBT and Timoshenko PDE's

    Folks, To date I have been reading about Euler Bernoulli Beam and Timoshenko Beam Theory desribed by the following equations respectively EBT ##\displaystyle \frac{d^2}{dx^2}\left( EI \frac{d^2 w}{dx^2}\right )+c_fw=q(x)## Timoshenko ##\displaystyle -\frac{d}{dx} \left[GAK_s...
  8. B

    Potential Energy Functional - Timoshenko Shear Locking

    Folks, The total potential energy functional for an isolated finite element timoshenko beam is given as ## \displaystyle \Pi_e(w, \Psi)=\int_{x_e}^{x_{e+1}} \left[ \frac{EI}{2} \left (\frac{d \Psi}{dx}\right )^2 + \frac{ G A K_s}{2} \left ( \frac {dw}{dx} + \Psi \right )^2 +...\right]dx...
  9. B

    Kinematics of Euler Bernoulli and Timoshenko Beam Elements

    Folks, Trying to get some appreciation for what is going on in the attached schematic of 1)Euler bernoulli and 2) Timoshenko beam elements. For the first one, ie the top picture, how was ##u- z \frac{dw}{dx}## arrived at? thanks
  10. Cyrus

    History of Strenght of Materials by Timoshenko

    "History of Strenght of Materials" by Timoshenko I just bought "History of Strenght of Materials" by Timoshenko = = GOD. Anyone else read it? As an ME, I want to read all the books on the history of ME, so that I know as much about my profession as possible. I really am starting to like...
  11. P

    Concepts from Timoshenko Book of Mechanics

    Hi everyone, I just thought that it might be useful for everyone if we go through the concepts from the book of mechanics by Mr. Timoshenko. Its a great book. Some people from this forum advised me to refer this book for mechanics. I find it very useful. But I would like to write about the...