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    Solid State Sources to learn about Topological Superconductivity

    Greetings. Does anyone know about any good places to learn about topological superconductivity from? Thanks in advance!
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    Solid State Books on Topological Insulators

    Hello. Do you know of any good material on topological insulators like books, review papers etc? I would prefer something more oriented towards theoretical physics(because I know that there are reviews out there that are purely experimental). Thank you!
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    Solid State Books: Weyl semimetals, Topological Insulators

    Hello! What are some good sources(preferably textbooks) to learn about Weyl semimetals? I also want some sources to learn about topological insulators and anything containing the Integer Quantum Hall effect would be great. As an aside, if you have any good book on theoretical condensed matter...
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    I Why and how Dirac cones are "tilted"?

    Given a Weyl Hamiltonian, at rest, \begin{align} H = \vec \sigma \cdot \vec{p} \end{align} A Lorentz boost in the x-direction returns \begin{align} H = \vec\sigma\cdot\vec{p} - \gamma\sigma_0 p_x \end{align} The second term gives rise to a tilt in the "light" cone of graphene. My doubts...
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    A Why is the Brillouin zone a torus?

    Recently, topological concepts are popular in solid state physics, and berry connection and berry curvature are introduced in band theory. The integration of berry curvature, i.e. chern number, is quantized because Brillouin zone is a torus. However, I cannot justify the argument that...