What is Wheeler-dewitt: Definition and 12 Discussions

The Wheeler–DeWitt equation is a field equation attributed to John Archibald Wheeler and Bryce DeWitt that attempts to mathematically combine the ideas of quantum mechanics and general relativity, a step towards a theory of quantum gravity. In this approach, time plays a role different from what it does in non-relativistic quantum mechanics, leading to the so-called 'problem of time'. More specifically, the equation describes the quantum version of the Hamiltonian constraint using metric variables. Its commutation relations with the diffeomorphism constraints generate the Bergman–Komar "group" (which is the diffeomorphism group on-shell).

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  1. S

    Could MWI create universes with fundamentally different physical laws?

    Summary: Could MWI (Many Worlds Interpretation) create universes with fundamentally different physical laws? Physicist John Wheeler proposed along with Hugh Everett and Bryce DeWitt the 'Many Worlds' Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (although he expressed some doubts about its validity) I...
  2. S

    I Is the Wheeler-DeWitt equation somehow related to the Multiverse?

    I've seen some articles that relate them (like this one: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1407.3118.pdf) "In this paper we will analyze the third quantization of gravity in path integral formalism. We will use the time-dependent version of WheelerDeWitt equation to analyze the multiverse in this...
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    A Is the Wheeler-DeWitt equation related to Wheeler's It from Bit?

    In this article: https://arxiv.org/pdf/hep-th/0211048.pdf by physicist Andrei Linde, it mentions Wheeler-DeWitt equation and he relates it to Wheeler's Participatory Universe model. Also, I found other sources that seem to establish a connection between Wheeler-DeWitt equation and Wheeler's It...
  4. Z

    I T-symmetry and WDWE with regards to a Universe from Nothing

    The article Spontaneous creation of the universe from nothing (Dongshan He, Dongfeng Gao, and Qing-yu Cai) published by the American Physical Society discusses a mathematically proof that the universe could be spontaneously created from nothing using the Wheeler-DeWitt equation (pictured below)...
  5. V

    Understand Wheeler-DeWitt Equation: Papers & Books to Learn

    Hey everyone, I need to understand the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. Basically that the universe is static. I only have a foundation in special relativity and not general relativity as yet. Could you please recommend papers and books for this topic? Do I really need a thorough understanding of...
  6. nomadreid

    Wheeler-DeWitt and timelessness

    I am missing something in my reading of the article "Time from quantum entanglement: an experimental illustration" (http://arxiv.org/abs/1310.4691). One of its premises is that Wheeler-DeWitt equation makes the universe appear as "timeless" from the "outside" (whatever that it: the same problem...
  7. J

    ADM Formalism & Wheeler-deWitt Equation: What's the Relation?

    Hello! I am interested in knowing the existing relation between the ADM Formalism and the Wheeler-deWitt Equation. From the articles and lectures I was read, I understand that ADM formulation is the Hamiltonian formulation of General Relativity at classical level. Then, the Hamiltonian is...
  8. jfy4

    Applicablilty of the Wheeler-DeWitt equation

    Hi, Throughout much of Carlo Rovelli's book "Quantum Gravity", he continually refers to the Wheeler DeWitt equation, but not always in the context of quantizing gravity. In his section on normal (quantum) field theory, he does a significant portion of the work around the Wheeler DeWitt...
  9. T

    Wheeler-deWitt equation; creation ex nihilo

    So the Hamiltonian of the wave-function of the universe is equivalent to zero. Am I correct in interpreting this as a statement that, if taken together, all the energies of the universe, in some sense, would "sum to zero"? If energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, then the fact that they "sum...
  10. Y

    Wheeler-Dewitt equation and canonical quantum gravity

    In the canonical quantum gravity, Hamiltonian equal zero, why? Since the split is space, the time is a constant? or the space-time is Ricci-flat? In other words, if the space-time is Ricci-flat whether time supersurface, Hamiltonian equal zero?
  11. Y

    Exploring the Wheeler-DeWitt Equation: A Comprehensive Introduction

    I'm looking for a good introduction source on the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. Anybody know any literature (book or article) that will help me wrap my mind around it. Thanks
  12. E

    How Is the Wheeler-DeWitt Equation Derived and What Are Its Implications?

    Wheeler-DeWitt Equation... Someone could explain me how this equation is obtained?..in fact you have Einstein Lagrangian L=(-g)**1/2R where R is Ricci,s scalar then with that you would form the Einstein Hamiltonian..and quantizy moments Pr as d/dr where d/dr is the functional derivative...but i...