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Homework Help: 2d Projectles Motion/Kinematics

  1. Oct 15, 2008 #1
    HI guys, I am having a lot of trouble with determining initial velocity, x and y components etc. Can someone please help me with this

    Sara drives a rocket sled from rest 25 m up a 15 degree ramp at an acceleration of 8 m/s2. Whats the final velocity?

    Thank you
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    The way the problem is worded means that the angle is of no concern because the m*g*Sin15 term is absorbed by the statement that it accelerates at 8m/s2 up the ramp.

    This suggests that you are only concerned with V2 = 2*a*x

    Of course the angle is of concern with regard to what happens after it leaves the ramp.
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